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  1. There is a electric compressor and a normal one. The normal one runs on coal.


    you need to connect the generator to an energy storage. Charge batteries And use those to power the machines.


    Edit: Dint read the question right XD.

  2. you need to find oil in caves.

    (At least this is where i found heaps)


    then you need to make oil canisters  and a portable oil extractor. 

    With the extractor in your hand you suck up the oil. one source block is one oil canister.


    You will need one fuel canister to go to the moon. (i know you can go to the space station with half a tank.


    Good luck ;)

  3. omfg i cant get it higer than 1 gb and you? say 32 is bad OMG pls help me i crash every 3-5 minuts how do i get the ability to put it higer than 1 gb? better java?

     please check this: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>



    Anyways so would someone like to help explain why i would not be able to run minecraft stuff on 64-bit java?

    So you cant run minecraft properly or at all?

    Just Technic or also default minecraft?

    and no errors at all?

    Also not in console of mc?

  4. I have been playing with some friends. on my personal server. I can turn it on when you want basicly (unless i am playing bf4 at the time XD)


    I am 22years old and some english dudes that are 20 years old.


    Anyway its a private server but feel free to contact me to have a look around ;)

    skype: arriej1

    (from the Netherlands )


    or pm me on here. ;)

  5. Hey, Welcome to the forums!


    You need to add more ram to your client.

    for this pack its recommended to have at least 1,5 - 2 GB of RAM 

    You can do this by clicking on the cog in the right top corner. 

    If you cant add more then 1 GB of ram. Make sure you install a 64bit version of java.