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  1. your windows are from the default mc glass?

    And everything above the blue lamps is blocked off?

    try placing more then one. Because one sealer only covers around 1200 blocks. (i had to put more in one room first and after then it worked with only 3 sealers.)

    Some shapes are harder to seal then normal squares.

  2. This topic contains the most common problems and fixes knows for attack of the b team! 

    There is also a small> tutorial on how to read error logs and you might be able to figure out your self whats wrong with your game!

    And since a short time we are also showing the >known problems of this modpack


    Note to your self: This is not the place to report new problems!! Use the Bug Reports!

    :siren:MOD EDIT: Do not come in here posting "help, my launcher doesn't work!" "the modpack doesn't work!". All issues you're experiencing are reported on the Bug Reports only. new users ignoring this may get tempbanned.

    - Munaus


    Please note that every PC is different and a fix stated here may not be the fix for you. The fixes here are fixes that worked for me and my friends or get reported to me as a fix.


    This topic  Its a work in progress and i will keep adding more fixes on the way.


    Let's get started!!


    Issue: Out Of memory.

    Cause: This is caused because there is not enough memory allocated to the launcher.

    Fix: To fix this issue you need to allocate more memory to your launcher. Its recommended to have at least 1,5/2GB for this modpack. Make sure you do not go over 4 GB, java starts running slower and may crash. How to add more RAM: Click on the cog at the top right on the launcher.



    Issue: Can't add more then 1GB of RAM to the launcher.

    Cause: 1.) Not a 64Bit java installed (Or having an older version of 32Bit installed)

                 2.) Not enough RAM in your PC.

    Fix: 1.) Install a 64 bit version of java ( ).Or uninstall the 32Bit version. 

            2.) Upgrade your PC with more RAM.



    Issue: Mod pack wont update/download.

    Cause: Most of the time a anti-virus software blocking the download

    Fix: 1.) Update you java to the most recent version.

           2.)Make sure no (parental) software if blocking the download (Virus scanner/Net nanny)

           3.) Keep trying.



    Issue: Failed to download <some file>

    Cause: Security software, internet connection interruption

    Fix: Disable security software temporarily, if it works, add the base url to exceptions ( for example has a base url of

    (Thanks to  kalbintion)



    Issue: Game wont update past 1.0.8

    Cause: Outdated java.(Some mods don't support the older java versions)

    Fix: Update java and make sure you get the right version (64 or 32 Bit) and you delete all old version of java. (If the client can chose between and up-to-date 32 bit version of an outdated 64 bit version it will take the 64 bit one.

    (Thanks to: ArabicSnowman)




    Issue: No mobs spawning

    Cause: Mob limit hit.

    Fix: this can be solved by typing the command /cofh killall Or change your difficulty to peaceful briefly so hostile mobs despawn.

    (Thanks to  kalbintion)



    Issue:  IndexOutOfBoundsException Error

    Cause:  Related to a Config being corrupt issue.

    Fix: Resetting the modpack.


    The error in the log:



    at java.nio.Buffer.checkIndex(
    at java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.get(




    (Thanks to  kalbintion)




    Issue: Crash on mojang screen.

    Cause: Various causes know. (Can basically be anything) 1.) Outdated java

                 2.) Fail in mapwriter config. (check how to read a error log down here)

    Fix: I am naming some different fixes here. If this did not work for you make a issue on the issue tracker don't forget to add the log ( %appdata%/.technic/logs )

    1.) Update java. ).

    2.) Go to the location of the mapwriter you find in the error log. and delete the file (make a backup)

    3.)There are many reason this could happen.  try to reset the modpack (You will lose custom settings)

    4.) if that did not help make an issue repport here And include an errorlog 



    Issue: Server/Client crashes when you joins a server/load the world

    Cause: Depends on the error log. most common reason I have seen is because of an mod item that crashes the world. (Check the how to read an error log tutorial down here)

    Fix: the fix for an block incompatibility. (the following example is for the oven from "mrcrayfish furniture mod" but it also works for the DNA Breeder.)

    Go into the mods folder then to the config folder,

    open up the cfm.cfg file and change the line:




    Which should delete the oven from you world the next time you load it, (Thanks to  Kr0nZ)

    Fix 2: you will have to open up your map in mcedit and remove the block manually.




    Issue: Server/Client crashes when you joins a server/load the world ( StructureStart issue)

    Cause: Depends on the error log. (Check the how to read an error log tutorial down here)This one is for the following issue:


    Fix 1: Update the game to version 1.0.12a If you have done that, And the issue is still there or started there, go tough the following steps:

    • Shut off server/game.
    • go to the world save folder.
    • Go into the data folder.
    • Delete BOPVillage.dat and villages.dat.
    • Issue still there? Try Fix 2.

    Fix 2: >Check the post here below (#4)

    (Thanks to  kalbintion)



    Issue: Says it is missing microblocks

    Cause: Version mismatch between client and server

    Fix: Find out what version of the modpack the server is running and set the client to it.

    (Thanks to  kalbintion)



    Issue: Minimap losing textures

    Cause: went into cave mode


    Fix: press ; (semi-colon) in-game

    (Thanks to  kalbintion)



    Issue: Hunger Bar randomly depletes very quickly
    Cause: Unknown
    Fix: Relog (Generally fixes the issue 99% of the time)

    (Thanks to  kalbintion)



    Issue: Saves worlds disappearing.

    Cause: unknown?

    Fix: Back-up the world save folder from .technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamsaves

    Create a new world with the exact same name, it may not start you off in a familiar area
    If it does not - go to where your base would be, if it isn't there, continue to follow instructions
    Copy the level.dat from the newly generated world, most likely under the world save name followed by a hyphen under the saves folder mentioned previously, into the old worlds folder.


    Note: Having two worlds with the exact same name can be a bit confusing, ensure you load into the correct world if two now appear with the same name
    Note: Doing these instructions without providing the same world seed will cause chunks to no longer properly line-up


    (Thanks to  kalbintion)



    Issue: Mapwiter file corrupt (see >this to see if you have that error).

    Cause: unknown.

    Fix: Go to the location of the mapwriter you find in the error log. and delete the file (make a backup) and let it regenerate by the client. 

    Be aware: There are 2 different locations where the file can be


    Version 1: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/saves/mapwriter_sp_worlds/<worldname>/mapwriter.cfg:1'

    Version 2: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/saves/mapwriter_mp_worlds/<worldname>/mapwriter.cfg:1'




    Issue: Game wont load up.

    Cause: unknown.

    Fix: Start your technic launcher, select Attack of the b-team mod, and go to settings. Press "open folder", go to "mods", delete all "project red" files, install the latest build of project red (32 i think) from here  and pop all the .jar files into the "mods" folder!

    (Thanks to: f1n1ay)


  3. at

    The oven you or one of your friends have places is causing the crash. 

    For me deleting the oven with MCedit worked for me. 

    Tho there have been reports that changing the item id in the config to nothing seems to delete the item as well.



  4. Your java is also outdated. Update to the latest java7u51

    That's not the problem tho. I use a way older java (1.7.0_25)

    And i have no problems :P

    Tho its never wrong to update java

  5. Your DNA breeder is crashing your world.

    at com.advGenetics.TileEntity.TileEntityDNABreeder.func_70316_g(

    So fix is, Get MCedit. Load the world. find your DNA breeder and delete it from the world. 

    The location of the breeder: -837,64,263

    Hope you can fix it. 

  6. What you can do to fix this, Generate a new world and copy the following fils from the new world to the old world:  level.dat

    Please note that you lose your Inventory, achievements, mapwriter info, etc.

  7. I've been working on witchery and I've hit a snag. I can't seem to find ANY vanilla biomes, and therefore can't find any wolves/cats. Is there something I'm missing, or did I just get REALLY unlucky? Also it should be noted that I'm hosting a multiplayer server, so a world reset isn't really an option. :|

    To make sure for the biomes make some worlds in single player and do some fly arounds.

  8. I loved this modpack before but now i am just plain out pissed. Me and my friend were playing and we were doing a challenge. It was a race for space. In the middle of me playing, the game crashed and i came back to see my world gone. I have worked on that world since the modpack came out and i am extremly pissed at this. I had so much and the thing is that i can still see the world file in the modpack folder but the world will not show up. On another note, Me and me friend couldn't get to space legit anyway's because the coal generator was not working. Please! Please! fix this problem but until then, SCREW YOU! AND YOUR DAMN MODPACK!

    No need to shout. but i geuss you play singleplayer then?

    Since the world wont show up.

    Try this: 

     make a new save, copy and pasting that save's level.dat to the old world. You lose your inventory, achievements, mapwriter info, etc. but you at least get to keep the world and anything you've made/stored in chests.