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  1. Hey,


    Welcome to the forums.


    Have you tried adding more ram to the client? for this mod its recommended to have  2 GB for the launcher for it to run smoothly.

    You can add more ram by clicking on the cog at the right top corner next to the X.


    Good luck!

  2. im also having problems with wind noise i am unable to do /config as it will not let me please help

    Then you need to go to your config files

    %AppData% -> Roaming-> .technic-> modpacks-> attack-of-the-bteam-> config-> WeatherMod -> Wind.cfg

  3. You have an older server version,


    Or something went wrong while you updated your server.


    The new server has to be placed in a new folder not the files being copyed and past. This will cause this error.

    So make a new folde rcopy the ziped files in there and copy your old world over to the new folder. And chance configs to your liking.