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  1. still getting use to the forums thing, besides the Attack of the B-Team thread wasn't created at the time think you can move it?
  2. i have the same issue when i kill something with ANY sniper the zoom optics go white, that's when i attach a custom optics "red dot or ACOG" and when you changed into the creature, that's just the shape sifters mod, use Shift and [ , ]
  3. Attack of the B-Team needs ALLOT more thought into it before it souldve have been released, the pack has so many problems that it wont even start any more. it just says mojang but then BAM, brings up the platform again like it did 62 times, also i believes the problem is the biomes o plenty mod with chisel, they don't go well together, trust me,
  4. attack of the b team

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