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  1. Yeah it is just updated the OP so its more up to date about the server kind of forgot about this post lol
  2. Name: DeltaCraft Nations Server Version: 1.6.4 Server Version: V8.3 Online: 24/7 Notice :The server is young so now is the perfect time to secure your slot before it fills up Links Homepage Forum Server Wiki [Coming Soon] PMC Page Basic Commands Description The DeltaCraft Nations Server is the official server for DeltaStrium & the LanteaCraft Mod we use a modpack with many mods most of them We make texture packs for links to the mods weuse are in the mods list The modpack is a balanced blend between magic and technology and couple that with the server makes for a very progressive gameplay. Features 1.Magic [unleash your magical abilities with Ars Magica 2][Pack] 2.Technology [Go tech with UE, Buildcraft, Mekanism][Pack] 3.Stats [using McMMO plugin get experience from mining and earn extra perks][server] 4.Towns [build mighty Cities and join together with others to form nations][server] 5.Fast Travel [Travel from base to base in style with Stargates][Pack] 6.Food [Over 200+ Foods on the server][Pack] 7:Economy [Credits are everything without them nations cannot be formed][server] How to Connect to the server Download the technic launcher from the link below when you have run the launcher go to the modpack link then copy the platform URL Go back to the launcher and click add new pack then paste the platform URL and add the pack Press Play Server address is built into the modpack just click multiplayer and come join in Technic Launcher is REQUIRED for the server. Technic Launcher Modpack To Use DeltaCraft Warfare Modpack Plugins Mods
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