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  1. There should be a rule against spam suggesting mods in the Discussions section of modpacks. I have been looking at the discussions of modpacks (mostly Treeit), suggesting mods, etc. for a while now, and ever since a few weeks ago, there have been hordes of little squeakers saying to add Morph. The pack owners have said no, Morph is way too OP and ruins the game, but the squeakers won't stop. This happens with other mods as well, but Morph is the main offender. I'm starting this petition for there to be a rule made that you aren't allowed to suggest a mod that the modpack owner has already
  2. For modpacks, my all time favorite is Treeit, but Tekkit Lite back when it was new was my favorite back then. I love all the mods in those packs and nothing conflicts with any other mod (also Treeit in the next update is going to have my mod Quartz 'N' Steel, which I'm happy about). It's fun to play, not too easy or too challenging, and multiplayer is the best. Also booze. Lots of booze. As for my least favorite, Attack of the B-Team. I know most of you will be pissed, since it just came out and is really popular, but I just hate it. It's overpowered, has almost no progression or
  3. No ads? What incentive do modders have to post here then? I'll just stick to Minecraft Forum. Wait, shit, how do I delete posts? Eh, I'll wait for a moderator to delete it.
  4. Font changing. You're doing it wrong.
  5. Although in real life striking a quartz crystal on a piece of steel is just as effective as flint on steel (for making sparks), there seems to be no plan to implement a quartz and steel striker, possibly because gravel (thus, flint) is more common than nether quartz, so it is cheaper to use flint anyway. -Minecraft Wiki Screw that. This mod adds a new item, quartz and steel, and a new block, overworld quartz ore. Overworld quartz ore is just quartz ore in the overworld. To make it not overpowered, and to encourage nether travel, the overworld quartz is muc
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