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    lilsaddam reacted to ICxGxCI in New Attack of The B-Team Server Whitelist - Apply Here!   
    1: Minecraft Name- ICxGxCI
    2: What country do you live in?- U.S.
    3: Will you be uploading to YouTube, if so what is your YouTube channel?- None
    4: How many times a week do you plan to be on?- Hopefully everyday
    5: How old are you (You do not have to post on the forum if you do not want, send it to me in a private message!- 18
    6: Do you accept the rules of the server?- Yes
    7: Do you agree to not steal from other players?- Yes, (thats the reason i quit my other server, someone stole everything I had)
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    lilsaddam got a reaction from TargetParadox in Looking for people for youtube server   
    1. lilsaddam
    3. yes
    4. 22
    5. Absolutely make some nice content
    6. pranks are what make it more fun
    7.No griefers