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  1. Awesome.  My son and I have had a blast.  For anyone that quit because of those couple German guys that were laying waste to everyone's bases, my son and I found them and scoured their base to bedrock.  If anyone needs a rebuild kit let me know and we can help.  Also, if you get zapped by the anti-personnel field let me know.  We had to put that up and make it large because those same two guys raided us pretty hard.  

  2. Btw, using external Energy Cells in your inventory will allow you to even forfeit in-suit batteries entirely, which makes for a phenomenally light Powersuit.

    This is what I do.


    Skip the battery and just carry energy cells in your inventory.  Keep one charging at base so when your cell runs out, come back, swap it out with the charged cell and off you go.

  3. Good morning!


    It would be nice to know a little more information:

    What items are banned?


    I'm a great long-term addition.  I'm 37 and looking for a server that allows Landmarks, some form of loading (even if it's ghetto loading with a quarry), and minium stones.  I have a lot of experience with Tekkit and recently my favorite server shut down due to low population so I'm looking for a new home.


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