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  1. Meh ign is Teknically, I'm 15 yrs old, I got no occupation but I do make a lot of machines, I'm from the USA! yeah Murica! And I would really like to play with other people to see how they automate things or see how their contraptions works
  2. Minecraft Username:Teknically Age:14 Location:California,USA Have you been banned from any server? If so, why? :nope What is one of the rules?:No breaking rules, or rule bending Why do you want to join?:I wanna play with people with a new modpack that I never played before What makes you stand out?:nothing much just a guy who likes to play games and make friends *Optional* Do you have any questions?: nope
  3. I be in need of some randomness XD

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    2. Stop mocking me0

      Stop mocking me0

      Zombie squids in 1432 Barsolona!

    3. Teknically


      Omg so much randomness(dies from it) and gets revived by more randomness

    4. Munaus


      Beware of FrogZards!

  4. Omg Thank You Gen I was waiting XD for you post something about update thx for update
  5. There is another server that GenericTag has and uses Madengineer's modpack It is called M3TP
  6. So do I get my stuff back? As in all or... Just member rank
  7. Server just crashed because of me or just random weird thing?
  8. Umm anyone else getting tick screen and other crashes when joining server!
  9. I'm so hungry!

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    2. Teknically


      Or he just requests one from epic meal time

    3. Valkon


      Actually, I got it from Spishak.

    4. Teknically
  10. I'm hungry for some Food!!!!!!

  11. Don't think of it as super bad think of it as a renew !
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