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  1. Username: OrionLonestar Age:29 Where did you find the server: forums Why do you want to play on the server: looking for a good and stable server to start recording on Knowledge of the modpack: quite a bit and still expanding What i want to achieve: to have fun and start a successful youtube and twitch career. in game to have everything everywhere. Cake or Death?:death by chocolate cake
  2. Minecraft username:OrionLonestar Are you over 16? yes im 29 Do you plan to put footage on youtube? (Not required) IF the server is up i plan to start still looking for a server to begin recording on Why you want to join?as i said i plan to start recording, but looking for a good server that is not constantly restarting every few minutes, and is stable enough to stay on for more then 8 hours at a time. I like to build, explore, and help out when and where i can... and i like to also play tricks and pull pranks (mostly of the non fatal variety)
  3. Age? 29 Country? USA IGN? OrionLonestar Do you understand the rules?yes
  4. MC name:OrionLonestar Age: 29 Mic:yes... but getting a new one this weekend Any other info you deem relevant:looking for a good server that isnt resetting every 10 min, or down half the time.
  5. My launcher didnt have that on it and still doesnt. Completely deleted the .technic folder and launcher... redownloaded the launcher after reboot reinstalled AofBT and have those missing files. which is lot better then what it was before delete. These are what i got after reinstall.
  6. So i have tried deleting and reinstalling the technic launcher, made sure java was up to date and i still am getting a huge string of missing files and textures. do i need to load the texture pack for AotBT? and i am missing textures for almost all the micro blocks any help would be much appreciated. Games runs most things seems to work but i want to get rid of some of these problems somehow. [b#431] 2014-02-18 22:39:23 [sEVERE] [FoodPlus] The language resource /com/foodpluslangfiles/es_ES.xml cannot be located on the classpath. This is a programming error. [b#431] 2014-02-18 22:39:23 [
  7. IGN: OrionLonestar Age 29 Reason i want to join: dont want to play alone... lol. Just got into the mod not to long ago (new computer) and have been watching the b team on youtube so i thought i would try it out and fallen in love with it.As i said playing alone kinda sucks and has its limitations and looking for a good server to play on with other people and have fun.As for what i am expecting from the server just good ol fun pranks, epic builds and crazy times
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