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    Loader got a reaction from IDED in Emeralds   
    I have to warn you, this is every bit as callous as it sounds, and it'll make you feel like a bad person.
    I significantly increased my production when I discovered that children.. uh.. "output" as much emerald as their adult counterparts, though.
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    Loader reacted to Neowulf in I want my account removed.   
    We can hide or delete it (both have the same effect for non-mods), but it's too late. Google will have indexed it by now.
    If anyone does a search on Mr Mostat here, this thread or atleast a cache of it will show up.
    Since we lowly mods can't do anything I'm content highlighting this as what not to do when trying to wipe your online presence so future employers and whatnot can't find out you like to play an extremely popular game and socialize with others.
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    Loader reacted to Neowulf in I want my account removed.   
    Funny thing is this is his only visible post. Chances are this account wouldn't even show up in a search if not for this thread.
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    Loader got a reaction from Melfice in Black Minimap on Server   
    You think that's weird - sometimes when I'm looking for the solution to something I find it here using google...
    And it was from me. :S
    (woooo tech support ghost story)
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    Loader got a reaction from 0xalis in Weird mobs spawning.   
    Looking it up it looks like there's 126 different item drops possible, yeah, and the behaviours are more detailed than I thought (they can have things like 'look in shade' or 'hunt cows specifically').
    They follow these rules for crossover from parents, with a 1/200 chance of mutation in each bit.
    That means if you left two endermen together to breed indefinitely, you'd end up with only one...

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    Loader got a reaction from 0xalis in Weird mobs spawning.   
    When you breed two together they get most of the attributes of the two parents in varying amounts and a small amount of random variation (that can apply to skin, stance, behaviour, burning in day/water, drops, anything).  If you were to keep breeding two 'enderman' types together you could get one that drops something different to enderpearls at any point and you could then breed that to increase the number you have with a given drop.  I think you can use the MFR autospawner with 'spawn exact copy' to make things a lot faster.
    There's one behaviour I haven't seen in vanilla minecraft, and that is 'hostile to hostile mobs' (it'll attack anything hostile whether it's attacking you or not).
    I hadn't thought about setting up a mutation-pit like XL
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    Loader got a reaction from danagor in Villages not Generating   
    Yeah, this fixes the 'rare village generation' (it does happen, you just had bad luck) but unfixes the 'exploring can generate corrupted chunks and stop you from being able to play until you fix it'.
    Just be aware that for the moment it's one or the other of those options - I'd suggest turning that stuff back to false once you've got some villages you're happy with (otherwise please at least mention you did this when you show up on the tracker with your world not starting, it'll save everyone time).
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    Loader reacted to Melfice in Tutor Needed, I'd like to make my own pack.   
    That should get you started.
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    Loader reacted to Melfice in URGENT!!!!!!   
    Also, this is hardly URGENT!!!!!!
    This is an OPINION!!!!!! or REQUEST!!!!!!
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    Loader got a reaction from planetWayne in Creating a flashing billboard with the Programmable Rednet Controller   
    The bit which simulates a faulty voltage inverter made me laugh
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    Loader reacted to Kalbintion in Server Help   
    Crashes, errors, etc belong on the tracker.
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    Loader got a reaction from Bulle in Can I restore this world?   
    Care to leave info on how you fixed it here so this thread is useful to someone who might find it in the future?
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    Loader reacted to Kalbintion in Server joining problems   
    Not true, it'll be "looked" at but immediately told to post on the tracker, as your post did.
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    Loader got a reaction from wayback94 in Help :/   
    No reason not to make your own thread for this, but I guess the titles ambiguous enough that it fits kinda?
    Anyway, you make something called a 'weapons box' which you can then use to make the guns themselves (it'll say in the box interface what materials you need for a weapon, once you have those in your inventory you can make it at the weapon box).
    Welcome to the forums, don't be afraid to make your own threads
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    Loader got a reaction from Sazche12 in What Is Your House Like?   
    Lies, Kalbintion!  From what I've seen of your house previously it's some kind of horror castle in a minefield!  (Unless I'm confusing it with someone elses images, could've been Halestorm actually)
    Mine.. is a 4x4 chunk castle thing, though I didn't mine it all down to bedrock, I just go downwards as I need to along with all the slight miscalculations that go with that.

    You should get poisonfrog in here, I'm sure she'll have quite a collection of pictures by now.
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    Loader reacted to Melfice in Resource pack don`t work!   
    So... basically, you didn't read the manual.
    The same manual Kalbintion referred to.
    Anyway, good to see you've got it working now.
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    Loader got a reaction from IDED in Mod Tutorials for Attack of the B-Team   
    That film (60s one?) was a musical version of the play Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (1800s sometime), it's somewhat of an old classic and is widely regarded as being pretty good in spite of its age.
    And you should've all learned about it in school!  I had to!  You whippersnappers!  *waves cane*
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    Loader got a reaction from Kalbintion in Crash when modifing exo-armor from tinkers construct   
    ...?  That is a strange series of messages.
    For future people browsing past this, while I do appreciate LordMinecraftful's directness, if a person can't even be bothered to read the rules or submit a crash report to give us a chance of helping them, I'll take note of that - if I have to pick between helping this guy and someone else, it won't be this guy.  It's not personal, but I don't have infinite time so I'm going to choose the person who may be able to follow the kind of instructions I give to help them rather than someone who can't, or won't.  Melfice's asking someone to submit the minimum amount of info (that also happens to be the rules for this kind of thing) isn't crazy or difficult here.
    That aside, best of luck LordMinecraftful!
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    Loader got a reaction from planetWayne in Working Target Range with MineFactory Reloaded PRCs   
    Ah no, you misunderstand me - I get the need to stretch the lights further back (that's something I usually forget to do - this video shows it off very well IMO), it's the width of the horizontal segments that make it harder to read than it has to be.  Like this;

    I just think that'd make the numbers a lot more readable on the oblique angle they're on, that's all.
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    Loader reacted to plowmanplow in Need help making a modpack.   
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    Loader got a reaction from MountainWulf in Is there a way to disable world of dinos?   
    No problem
    Of course, this doesn't help at all with the really scary thing in the Tropics.
    Hidden because of it's potentially spoilery nature;

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    Loader got a reaction from MountainWulf in Is there a way to disable world of dinos?   
    The world of dinos config files have the options for which biomes they spawn in, look for this bit;
    S:dinoBiomeIdList=201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209 Either remove all those numbers (biome IDs) or reduce them to a few where you'd like to see them spawn and it'll be fine.  If you remove all the numbers, you can still spawn them the old fashioned way (dino breeding through dna isolation and cultivation).
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    Loader got a reaction from tarzanodor in Witchery Mod Ents   
    No problem
    Welcome to the forums!
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    Loader reacted to Insanity897 in Mods that should be in Attack Of The B-Team   
    These mod have been asked for but for the wrong reasons. I don't ask for these mods for myself but for everyone and have though of the good it would bring to the official attack of the b-team server and the users if the pack FEEL FREE TO ADD OR EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT WHAT I WANT TO CHANGE

    #1. Railcraft
    This mod brings elaborate track systems to Minecraft and can be used to create roller coasters and train systems to bring you through your destination. It also gives you another variety of power generation because right now the only two good ways to get power are from mob essence and magma generators.
    This could be used to create train systems with actual trains and actual picking you destination to travel through for servers and can create amazing roller coasters for fun.

    #2. Steve's Carts
    This is a amazing mod that adds modular carts to the game. This compliments Railcraft well but can be used alone. It adds another way to mines, farms and so much more. It is a great mods to add cart use to the world of Minecraft. I feel like keralises mind would explode if he saw a minecart not being used as a system of getting around

    #3. Buildcraft
    I know some say it is as useless as ic2 now because of thermal expansion but really it isn't. Thermal expansion started as a adding for buildcraft and even though it has much of the basics of buildcraft it missed a lot of content and I don't mean quarrys and tanks and another dozen or so engines that do the same thing as the TE engines. I mean the little bits that really make it different. Like the circuits used for automation witch mist stuff in the mod pack has to be done manually or with u standing there watching it the whole time. Also the architect block which allows you to copy and save designs and your greatest buildings into a blueprint which can be brought into any other Minecraft world you have. And the filler would save so much time. Instead of every youtuber pausing the vid to clear terrain this thing could save them 4 hours of digging. Also auto crafting tables are always nice when creating factories and auto stone brick makers

    #4. Applied Energistics or logistics pipes
    I only say this because I have heard of many issues with project reds sorting systems and I know it work it's just at such a early state and I love that at least something is there but it just doesn't add what a real sorting system could become. It also doesn't have cross dimension so you can't bring your sorting system through other bases and dimensions like in AE with the quantum ring. This could be used by keralis to connect his moon base to his regular base

    #5. MFFS
    There is about 4 different ones due to the mod creator leaving us and also this doesn't really fit with the pack but wither battles are annoying and in the mod pack they kinda haft to happen regularly for many things like heart canisters or even nether stars.
    Also adds a level of security for public servers

    #6. (OPTIONAL) Aether mod
    I was on the borderline of including this but another dimension to explore would be amazing. This is full of bosses and just crazy mobs. This is one mod I have never really tested though so I don't know how it would react to aotbt. But it looks like it would fit in Nicely with the magical aspect of the Modpack

    #7. (OPTIONAL) Tree capitator
    this is a really cool mod witch makes if so you don't haft to cut down every piece of the tree like in real life when you cut trees down. Just go in the configuration and make it so you can only do it with the axes because doing it with a fist is a little cheap and makes it so you haft to at-least spend some resources to use this mod

    This is all the mods I would love to see in attack of the b-team. I know a lot will disagree with what I say but this is what I feel is wrong with the b-team mod pack. I know the mod pack is playable and fun with out these but I feel like it would make it a little more fine tuned with these additions.
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    Loader got a reaction from Body-Bagz in World save won't appear.   
    Start by copying that folder somewhere else just in case anything goes wrong, then you can go ahead creating another world with the exact same name.
    Minecraft should begin rebuilding, but detect all of the old data as it does so and use that where it can.
    If it doesn't work (if it crashes or something while doing that), please post up on the Tracker (there's a link in my sig).
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