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    Jason_Anaminus reacted to TheHungryBird in Private Survival Bteam Server   
    Knowledge: about 7-8
    Why I want to join: I've been looking for a small community just like this where we can just have fun, I've been playing on the mod pack for ages on single player and want a group to play with
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    Jason_Anaminus got a reaction from 94401 in ATTACK OF THE B-TEAM WHITELISTED 15+   
    IGN(in game name): Jason_Anaminus
    Reason of wanting to join: Play this amazing modpack with another players!
    Your favorite mod: Minefactory Reloaded, also I want to play with witchery
    Age:(optional but you should be 15): 15 (realy mature)
    Youtube:(optional, I'm personally not doing anything youtube atm): I have a account but i dont record much
    Skype account(yes or no, it wont hurt your chances of joining): I prefer chat, sorry I don't like calls
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    Jason_Anaminus reacted to Loader in I NEED HELP   
    That certainly seems to be the same error...
    I suppose we could try manually setting that link to the library if you've already tried everything else (hardcoding like this is terrible practice, but it's about to be changed with the 1.0.9 B-Team update anyway so it's unlikely we'll see any future problems from it).
    Here's how you do that if you're not familiar with how this stuff works;
    1: Goto this folder: %AppData%.technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteammods
    2: Make a backup copy of codechickencore somewhere outside of those mod folders.
    3: Open codechickencore with an unzipper (winzip, winrar or 7-zip should all work fine).
    4: Look for a file in there called dependancies.info (yes, I know it's misspelled, that's ok so long as it's been consistently misspelled through the codebase ) and copy that file out somewhere you can edit it.
    5: Use a text editor (I used notepad++, but notepad should be fine - not word or wordpad whatever you do, it has to be the simplest kind of text file) to input the lib name directly.
    6: It should now look like this in that file, note the definition of "file": has changed;
    { "repo": "http://files.minecraftforge.net/CodeChickenLib/", "file": "CodeChickenLib-universal-1.6.4-", "dev": "[email protected]@[email protected]@.jar", "class": "codechicken.lib.asm.ASMHelper", "version": "", "mcversion": "1.6.4", "coreLib": true } 7: Save and copy dependancies.info back into codechickencore and overwrite the old version (make sure you have a backup copy before you do this or you might have to redownload the whole pack to get this file again). 8: Try and run again, let me know how it went, and post the new log if it didn't work.   Edit: Unfortunately IP.Board keeps compressing that first line (repo) as it's a link rather than display the full thing.  You only need to change the "file": line so it shouldn't be a problem, just a heads up in case you were going to copy-paste the whole thing over yours.   Edit2: To make things easier for other people looking to help, we've got the following logs so far that seem to have this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/7005722/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/7005623/ '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> http://pastebin.com/kNvEe1jH   The above is for 1.0.8, if for some reason you were thinking of doing this on 1.0.9 (please PM me first, it shouldn't be a problem anymore!) you'd need the file to read this instead;

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