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  1. make sure that you've set the INPUT level up to whatever power level you want, and then also check the OUTPUT and make sure it's up (just cuz). To do this, right click on the cell and the the input is to the left and the output to the right, click the plus button up to whatever you want and you should be good. This is from memory but that should be correct

  2. So a few weeks ago, I was able to put my raw chips from food plus into the oven from crayfish furniture, and it worked fine and got cooked chips back. I can't do this anymore and I don't get why. It cooks vanilla items fine, just not anything from food plus. Is this a bug or is this intentional?

  3. Heyo, I don't know why but I can't create a portal with the enhanced portals mod. Well I can, just with no modifiers. I'm trying to add the sound control, dimensional and dialling upgrades, yet whenever I try to create a portal with the modifiers in the portal modifier block it won't work and I have no clue why. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help??


    portal with no upgrades



    add the upgrades



    portal no work D:



  4. The most effective way to find them is how efficiently can you travel? Flying in the overworld can be great to locate them, however if you know you have no biomes appropriate within range that would have them, using nether travel is the next best option but requires obsidian to do so. Travel 128 blocks in the nether, place a portal down, go through it, you're 1024 blocks away from your other portal now and should have some new areas to explore. Go further in the nether if necessary. Repeat until found.

    I'll try this out. Cheers guys

  5. Hey hey peeps,


    Decided to show over my quaint little home I made for myself! It's pretty compact and tight inside and I just love the way it feels. Take a look at the pics below and show off your own home! Would love to see what other people have created and possibly get some inspiration.






  6. Neat Smurfy, thanks for sharing :)


    One thing to mention though is that you can boost the efficiency of that biofuel reactor with a planter/harvester treefarm setup, biomesoplenty trees seem to work with it and each extra type of item that goes into the biofuel reactor doubles its efficiency (it gets to the point where the slow rate that fuel drains out of it means you need several to increase your output).

    I did think about that, yet as it is, I have a mass overflow of power so I really have no need of a tree/plant farm also. This is an option I know but it wouldn't be any use to me I think. I have 4 spawners in there so don't need any extra :P nice idea tho!

  7. Hey hey peeps!


    I nearly always see people asking on the forums "how can I get power?! HELP ME!!" so I thought I'd show off what I have created in a few hours, and I must say it's working mighty fine.


    Like everyone, I started with a steam dynamo being powered by an aqueous accumulator to get my first bit of power. I'm sure there are tutorials for setup of that so I'm not going to bother explaining or showing. Using a steam dynamo wasn't enough however so I branched out. My first steps at major power generation was by using the reactant dynamo, being fed by cows (creating the sewage needed for fluid fuel) and a reed farm (to create the solid reactant). You can see this setup below.


    So to get the sewage you need about 6 cows (can be less or more, up to you), and with that you will also need a sewer. Connect the sewer to the reactant dynamo via fluiducts, and there is your first part of the set up.







    After that you will want an automatic sugar cane farm. Look on youtube for an easy tutorial as I can't be bothered to provide one. But mine looks like this!




    The water leads the sugar cane down and into a cyclic assembler, which then turns the sugar can into sugar and moves it to the reactant dynamo via itemducts. The cyclic assembler is powered by the dynamo itself.




    That is one way of power. It is pretty slow and not very effective, so I looked and different power possibilities, and I came up with this. It is kinda expensive to set up, yet it very effective in the long run!


    An overview of the whole thing, just to freak you out :P




    This is a lot to take in and only the semi-advanced players would see what's happening here, so I'll go through step by step with you.


    Step 1: you'll want a constant power generation for this setup so there are a few options, yet I am using this. It is a pulverizer smashing up some coal, which is then being fed into a magma crucible, being fed into a compression dynamo (hense known as c dynamo). You can see this by working left to right in the below image. Now the c dynamo needs coolant, so I'm using water and there is an aqueous accumulator below. A c dynamo also needs a fluid fuel, which is the pulverized coal from before. You will want to put some form of energy cell above that, I would recommend anything above a leadstone cell (I'm using the hardened cell). That's step 1!



    Step 2: this step is where you will get the bulk of your power. You will want to make one (or more, up to you) porta spawners and and get a skeleton spawner or two into that bottom section. You will also want to get a grinder (powered by the c dynamo) to then kill the skellies. I also have an auto spawner in the top section which is spawning endermen as I need ender pearls, this is optional and not needed. You can do that by powering it by the c dynamo and using the mob essence you collect in the grinder. Step 2, done.




    Step 3: This is where the proper power step up happens. As you can see the grinder is on the left there, but it has item ducts going into chests and stuff. You'll need a few pneumatic servo to filter the items. You need a cyclic assembler to turn the bones into bone meal, which then gets shoved into a bioReacter, which turns the bones into biofuel (surprisingly). The biofuel then gets fed into a biofuel generator. The generator is what is creating the power that you so desperately need! Plop an energy cell ontop of that and bam you have (virtually) endless power!




    So yeah! I know there are many different ways of creating power in this pack, yet this is what I'm using and I already have a mass overflow of power :P Hope this has helped give you an idea for your own power supply!


    Cheers for reading

  8. I agree that the pack could use some extra world gen structures would be awesome, yet as Munaus said it would be to much of a strain, as it already is for most people. You could probably include the Ruins mod, but have it so it doesn't have those uber big structures (like the flying castle one) somehow, but hey I'm not a mod creator so I don't know. And adding the twilight would again be awesome, but again be hard for most people to manage. I like the idea of finding new things in the world other than boring witch circles. Nice suggestion yet I doubt it would be possible

  9. Hey guys,

    Is there a good way to decrease the lag in ATOB? I HAVE reduced my render distance, particals, clouds are off, done everything I can think of. Even when it runs on it's own my computer still spazzes and is laggy as all hell. So is there any way to reduce it further and bump up dem frames? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers

  10. Hey hey, I've gotten into thermal expansion and am starting to automate everything, however I'm having trouble using the cyclic assembler.. I can build it, put in a schematic and stuff in the slots, yet it won't let me actually 'draw' anything in the schematic dropdown thingy (the blue bit on the right hand side) I've tried left, right and middle clicking, shifting, everything, I can't figure it out. Does anyone have a solution or is having the same problem?

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