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  1. Alrighty! My age is 19, and I've been wanting an awesome, community-driven server like this for a long time, and would welcome the opportunity to join it ^^
  2. ~In Game Name: UndoubtedKhaos ~Age: 19, nearly 20 ~Skype Name: live:undoubtedkhaos ~Country of residence: Canada ~How familiar are you with Attack of the B-Team and Modded Minecraft?: Very familiar, i'm a massive fan of the modpack ^^ ~What types of builds do you usually make?: I LOVE love love the industrial, slightly overgrown look, with underground areas. ~How active will you be on the server?: I will be on nearly every day ~Have you read and accept the rules?: Of course, every last one ^^ ~Have you played on any servers before, if so why did you leave?: Yes, I have. I never purposefully left one, the two I had played on previously had to be shut down for various reasons ~You get pranked by another member of the server, how do you respond?: Prank back twice as hard~ ~You accidentally let your nuclear reactor run for too long and it blows up all of your things, what do you do?: Rebuild, duh That,s half the fun, after all ~About you?: I am a proud Brony, though im not obsessive about it, dont you worry. I want to get into recording, but I want to get a feel for my new pc before I attempt THAT.
  3. I'll be playing single player till the server is up, testing things ^^
  4. Totally going for a mad techno-scientist thing. Genetics, everything like that ^^
  5. By the way, Im going right into Galacticraft first chance I get ^^
  6. Hehe, same here. To think, ive been sticking to this forum for a few days now, I just cant wait to see if I made it in ^^
  7. Hehe, I have to agree with you on that one xD I understand he has things to do, completely ^^ My Luna, at this rate, if I get accepted, im gonna be too excited to craft properly xD
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