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  1. IGN: Iceblice9 Age: 14 From: Merca' (U.S.A) Something about me: I'm so awesome it may be contagious. Why do I want to Join: My freind (o23456) plays on this server and I would love to Join! Tanks!
  2. iceblice9 Power Aurmor: head, chest, legs, feet, fist, advanced battery on all, basic plating on all, heat sink on all, Chest:cooling systym ,glider, Legs: run assit, uphill asist, movement generator Feet: shock absorber Fist: axe, pic axe, hoe,melee asist, rail gun a 64 stack of silver Thats mostly it but i lost my house so could you also give me alot of logs and glass panes THANKYOU
  3. Hey, so just a sec ago the server went down and when i came back i spawned in a wall. So this killed me..then i was going back to grab my stuff and the server was put down for maintenance so now my stuff is getting deleted because of the server Crash!!!!! Is there anything i can do to get my stuff back please?