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    Alexito got a reaction from surv1vell in [1.0.9c] B-Team paradise Whitelisted looking for 2 members   
    read the post, It's 18+ and from EU so we can play together
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    Alexito reacted to surv1vell in [1.0.9c] B-Team paradise Whitelisted looking for 2 members   
    B team paradise has 3 slots open again!
    Hello everyone,
    We run a fairly new and small whitelisted server, b-team paradise.
    we are looking for 2-3 new members to enlarge the population.
    for new we have 5 players online at least every night but we would love to increase thise.
    What we are looking for are dedicated players that can and will play fairly often.
    Who are living in europe, so we can play together. (this is very important, if you dont live in europe simply dont react)
    we are looking for people that are at least 18 years or older (this is also a must!)
    Last but not least we are looking for some builders. So far we have several players but very litle with building skills.
    what we offer is a place to make your dreams come through. 
    all the space you need to build your amazing builds.
    a positive and friendly envirement that encourages you to go even further in all your builds
    a mature croud and an escape from all the immature people.
    a safe envirement that keep all the things you love safe.
    an active admin team that will help where necesary.
    are you interested let us know! post a comment below with a good reason on why you want to join this particular server.
    and please use good reasons. we try hard to offer a great server so put effort in your application.
    what will increase your chances is if you have pictures of your builds. 
    also your ingame name, your age and the country of your residence.
    So far most players have build there homes and played a bit. We have several machine experts, witch and some builders.
    We have a general town largely under construction. A central park is almost done with portals that go nearely everywhere.
    to all players and all dimensions.
    the server is online on the following ip:
    if you are going to apply, show me that you have read this post and show me why you want to play. dont even botter if you are American, South-American, Asian or Australian. Timezones vary to much to play together, so dont react please!
    looking forward to see the applications!
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    Alexito got a reaction from HalestormXV in unable to play   
    there's like 20 other topics with the same fucking issue 
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    Alexito got a reaction from eladd in Whitelisted Attack of the B-Team server, looking for players...   
    I'd love to play in a community, tried singleplayer, was fun, but it's more fun with other people
    i don't grief nor bully people, age's 25
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