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    DaPhr33k got a reaction from PuffHamster in {Brand New B-Team Server Launching In 4 Hours} {18+}   
    APPLICATION   IGN: DaPhr33k   Age: 16   Why I want to be apart of the server: I have been looking for a good server, ive been trying to find a small server which everyone is friendly on, like chimneyswifts server.   Am I familiar with Attack of the B-Team: Yes, ive been playing since it came out   What mods am I the best at:Tinkerers construct, Witchery.   Will you respect other player,stuff, and Builds: Yes   How long have I played Minecraft: Too long   Have I ever made it into any other whitelisted servers: Yes, I have been in a few, ive also helped make a modpack with a custom server,   How much will you be able to play:  a lot, probably between 5-8 hours a week, after exams.   What is my Skype: sgallagher410
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    DaPhr33k reacted to jj9576 in {Brand New B-Team Server Launching In 4 Hours} {18+}   
    HI, im looking for active players For this server. Its going to be a small server, taking the first 7 ppl who send me the right information.
    There is 3 server rules
    1. If it is not yours dont take it
    2. Praking is encouraged but no griefing
    3. Just have fun
    We will be streaming and posting videos to youtube. If interested add me on skype jj9576 and send me your name in game for the whitelist and your age and i will send u the IP Address. We do use skype for server projects and streaming so thats why im having u send me your info on skype
    If not active u will be bumped for someone else that will be.
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    DaPhr33k reacted to Quigybobo in [1.0.8] Business B-Team [PvE][Economy][100 Slots][Open] Perfect Economy!   
    Great server!!!! Great staff, amazing that there is no lag. They run a great mature gaming community. Enjoy it while you can because gaming communities like this don't come around very often!
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