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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Jon_ in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    Well, well, well,  The Hexplore-It domain and place I host the files are expiring soon. So it looks like Hexplore-It will be going offline soon.

    It blows my mind that this pack is still being downloaded and played on a daily basis.

    To date, since I have started tracking anyway, Hexplore-it has been played for 1,602,909 HOURS (and counting) across the world. Crazy!

    Thanks again everyone for the years of fun. I will post if/when we go offline for good.
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    Sorry, not sure why I never saw this.

    I made it so steel couldn't be made that way to force the use of Tinker's Steelworks. Melting chain does work. I wasn't able to make it so that didn't wirk with no Modtweaker function well for 1.6.4.

    There are a few other ways to get lots of steel but my lips are sealed.
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to trixxtrixx in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    First of all I wanna say thanks for making such an amazing modpack. Seriously am enjoying it, so thank you I couldn't seem to find a place to ask questions if we were having trouble with something, so I hope you don't mind me asking here. I was wondering how to craft respirators and filters? It doesn't appear when I search for it in the items list thing, and I can't really go mining without it since enviromine effects air quality. I've been using leaves in my hot bar, but they only work to a certain depth. Also, I tried making steel using the metalurgy furnaces, and it didn't work, so I'm wondering if I'll have to melt down some chain armor in Tinkers (but not sure if that will work yet), cause I can't go to the nether unless I can make flint and steel to light the portal. Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you again for your hard work!
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from hooptiecoupe in This entire board is Off Topic!   
    I edited the "mod sass" out asap, to save myself from the inevitable ban due to questioning the "authority" here, but I suppose that depends on definition though of course, and I wa /am questioning "staff" so my apologies. I will find other avenues in the future to question questionable "staff" decisions.

    You or another moderator may want to edit the global rules to reference the rule that you are attempting to enforce since it isn't there at this time, or add it to the description for the Platform Potluck. (Yes there is a page on how to correctly post server threads, but not the issue you are concerned with here.)

    Just for reference, I don't care about when or where the server "ad" is (buried in a 10-page thread). It is posted here because I asked for them in previous posts as it has yet to be an issue here, and they are added to the modpack itself. The post here isn't about garnering popularity or advertising.

    Thank you for a much more helpful post that included the necessary link.

    It is what it is I suppose, problem "solved" at this point. I'll try to have players send me their server info via PMs, etc... to save moderation staff time and energy.

    Thanks, brother!

    ***For future reference for those that may stumble across this while Hexploring this thread, let me explain a few more things now that I have a few extra minutes away from real-life.
    As stated in my previous edit in post #198, I edited out what I considered to be mod-sass out asap, but of course this could be up to definition of course. Questioning any of staff's decisions could and would most likely fall under the definition of "mod-sass." Whether or not the question under scrutiny is justified and relevant or not.
    Realizing that this was most likely the case I apologized. Having a question of the validity of a staff member's decision, and posing an an apology are not mutually exclusive experience and do not nullify each other.
    Hence this was not some sort of "fake" apology as Torezu alleges in post# 205.
    Also worth mentioning is Torezu's complaint of my,"[F]ake concern for the effort we go through to keep the forums clean and easy to use."
    Umm... yes because being a modpack creator with a modpack well into the hundreds of thousands of downloads is such a rewarding experience? I am all to familiar with what it is like to be overly consumed with a "thankless" job. My concern was legitimate.
    I mentioned seeking alternatives/searching out other avenues to question staff referring, to PMs, etc... It was clear to me early on that with the amount of butt-hurt I seemingly generated that anything else to be said would be irrelevant to the comment/post/thread and best handled in a different format, both now and in the future.
    This wasn't about some sort of covert plot for reprisal, as Torezu alludes to in post #205, "if someone with some authority is telling you, legitimately, that's it's best to act a certain way, hinting at going over their head to do what you want anyway..."
    The legitmacy of said command is clearly in question at this point even yet but that is another matter I believe comes down to the fundamental error made early on that the server comment was merely meant for advertising purposes, but I digress...

    As for "doing what I want anyways..." I am pretty sure that in my first comment regarding this topic in >post #198, I instructed Hexplore-It's players to...

    ...And again in post #201, I said...
    Doing what I want would have entailed instructing players to continue on, business as usual. I am much more mature than that.
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to plowmanplow in Forge and Liteloader Modpack Help   
    For Forge/MC <= 1.6.4: Modify the version.json file inside the modpack.jar to include the correct references to download LiteLoader at run time. My BareBonesPack includes a 1.6.4 version with this already completed ( 1.6.4 LL): http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/barebonespack.271497
    For Forge/MC >= 1.7.2: The LiteLoader JAR file (the mod, not the installer) is simply placed into the /mods/1.7.2 or /mods/1.7.10 folder. That's it.
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to CanVox in Why Mojang info?   
    Zhaph, that's a good suggestion. I'd also add that we cannot launch minecraft without your login details. The Mojang launcher requests your login details, confers with the mojang auth servers, and passes the resulting data to the minecraft executable when launching. We have to do the same or else it won't be possible to play on multiplayer servers, etc. I actually really miss the days when Minecraft had you login within the game itself, it made things much simpler for us.

    The main things to understand are:
    - We always store a randomly-generated key called the "Mojang Client ID" on your harddrive so that we can use it for all auth attempts. We do this because the first time you log in with a new client ID, Mojang logs you out from all other client IDs, so it would be annoying if we generated a new one each time.
    - When you log in, we will send your Mojang Client ID as well as your username and password, to Mojang's servers to auth you. If you have logged in previously and checked "remember me" we will send your Mojang Client ID & Mojang Access Token to Mojang's servers instead.
    - If you check "remember me", we store your username and the Mojang Access Token that Mojang gave us after you logged in. We will store them to the hard drive but will NOT store your password. Unless your Mojang Access Token expires, we will continue using your username, client ID, and access token to log you in on subsequent visits. If the access token expires, we will prompt you for your password again, so we can request a new one.
    - We will NEVER send your password, Mojang Client ID, or Mojang Access Token to our servers or anyone but Mojang.
    - If you choose not to check "remember me", we will not store any data except your Mojang Client ID
    - We DO have a Technic Client ID that is generated in the same way as the Mojang Client ID but has nothing to do with your Mojang account. We use it to identify your install and you can give it to a friend who has a Solder-enabled modpack to see hidden builds & be a beta tester. We send your Technic Client ID around to a few different places, it's not really secret.

    - In the past, we've also sent your Mojang user's display name to our servers when checking packs. We used this to allow us to give Attack of the B-Team early to people who had donated to Child's Play charity. We like doing stuff like this, so it's probably not gone forever, but it's hard to know the best way to do it.

    I hope that answers your questions about how we use your Mojang information. As always, we're open source. We also sign our jars and executables as "Syndicate, LLC" so you can check that individual files actually come from us.
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to GoofPavlica in My Custom Mod Pack Loads in Vanilla.   
    Everything is working! Thanks Guys!
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to GoofPavlica in My Custom Mod Pack Loads in Vanilla.   
    Whoops Forgot to type:p But anyways, thanks guys for your help! I was completly unaware that statues needed another mod to run. I will double check all the other mods, to make sure that they dont need others as well. Thanks again!
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to plowmanplow in My Custom Mod Pack Loads in Vanilla.   
    Please always use a pastebin (like http://pastebin.com ) service for logs instead of pasting them into the thread.
    [07:13:25] [Client thread/ERROR]: The mod statues (Statues) requires mods [asielib] to be available Asie's 1.7.10 port of Statues mod requires asielib dependency mod: http://mc.shinonome.ch/doku.php?id=wiki:statues
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to GoofPavlica in My Custom Mod Pack Loads in Vanilla.   
    Thank You so much! I will try all of these things and tell you how it goes.
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to Munaus in Ultimate Real Life Roleplay+ - why was it removed?   
    It's up to the user who made the pack to contact each dev, Technic will not babysit modpack devs.
    So no, I highly doubt anyone removed his pack because of permissions.
    we aren't forced to do anything. Are you lost? This isn't FTB and Watchful11 doesn't "work" here
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to plowmanplow in New Mod pack issues   
    What now? As previously mentioned, you go through every mod in your pack and make sure that:
    each mod is the latest compatible version each mod is downloaded directly from the mod author's preferred distribution channels For mods that aren't cornerstone, "big name" mods make sure that you take a look at what folks are saying or complaining about. If a mod has a ton of folks complaining about instability or incompatibility with other mods you might want to steer clear. At this point I would normally bring the pack up in my test environment, but there are so many outdated mods with known critical issues in your pack that it's not reasonable to do that at this time.
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to Amaxter in Craft-Quest: Searching for the Next Voxel Sensation   
    In the wake of Minecraft there hasn't been another voxel style open world game that's been able to replicate it's success. When you think about it, Minecraft really did come out of nowhere, and from a janky game made by one dude with no modding API came one of the largest gaming communities in history. So, how do we prepare for the next big sensation that the kids will be into tomorrow? Well we can't be sure, but staying tuned to this thread's a good way to make some educated guesses! 

    As new games in the vein of Minecraft come out everyday from places like Steam Greenlight it can be hard to keep track, so we'll let you know what the good ones are below. To always be in the know, bookmark this thread and check on it whenever you feel like knowing what the hot new voxel games are! If you have a suggestion/know a good one, let us know in a post in this thread and we'll add it! So without further ado let's get started down our journey of finding the next Minecraft!

    This promising Minecraft style space exploration/building game has been in development for a while now and it's matured significantly in the last few months. It's still an early access game on Steam but it runs on anything and is pretty fun, has some cool spaceship stuff!


    While bearing many gameplay resemblances to Minecraft (and making no subtleties about it's inspirations) Terasology is in active development and looks REALLY good, that is graphics wise. If your PC can run it then give it a shot!

    TUG intends to be a Minecraft style game with neat looking smooth voxels and gameplay inspired by many common mods such as Thaumcraft. For $10 on Steam Early access it's playable, but keep in mind it's still a very WIP alpha.

    [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=302340274]ONE LAST DAY
    One Last Day is a Steam Greenlight game for Mac, Linux, and PC that is a post apocalyptic voxel game set in a zombie apocalypse. Not exactly original, but it looks fun and well done overall with some cool survival elements.
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    The v1.08 update is live, this should fix the crashes due to 1.6.4 Forge not working with Java 8.
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    Well alright, now that I have my thread back... ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    Please note: For future reference anyone that happens across this comment please make sure to follow the edit in >post #190, Thanks in advance!

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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    Check out the first episode of the awesome new Hexplore-It "Let's Play" series started by the lovely Lady Lexy xox here.

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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    Awesome man, I am working a 14 hour day today at work so I won't be able to swing by just yet but I will. I will also get with you via PM about IP inclusion.
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    Look forward to it. Hit me up if you need any assistance. I have rather limited free-time as of late. The little I get I have been throwing into work on the 1.7.10 version.
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    FINALLY email verification is working again and I have access to the forums again. Updates on the 1.7.10 progress and help need will be posted soon.
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    The v1.08b update is live. I had to push a quick update to remove the "official" server from the server list.

    On that note, anyone looking to have your Hexplore-It servers publicized free of charge, or partner up for another Official Hexplore-It server, hit me up.
    * Do NOT do ^this^ by posting server info in this thread. Per the moderator Torezu in post #197 (>since removed). PMs and/or other forums more open to development conversations should be used instead. Thank you for understanding.

    Any server ads info etc... need to be posted here, using the guidelines here.

    VERSION 1.08b
    >Simply removed the IP from the server list, and updated the start screen.
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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    When reporting that Hexplore-It doesn't work for you I need more info than, “pack sucks, it dnt wrk, plz fix” to help you in any way.
    The first thing you can do is make sure that you followed the installation instructions correctly.
    They can be found here, ( http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/hexplore-it.226213 ),

    seen here,

    or read here.

    For Mac:

    3. Launch the launcher for the first time.
    4. On the top right corner click the settings button (little gear next to the X), this is where you will want to increase the amount of memory/RAM your computer uses to run the Technic Launcher. When you click that gear a window will open called "Launcher Options"
    5. Using the drop down selection next to the line that says "Memory" increase your RAM. I suggest a minimum of 2GB, 4GB maximum. Anything less will not work. If you can only go up to 1GB you only have 32-bit Java. Assuming that your computer’s operating system can handle it, you will need 64-bit Java, find that here ---> (https://java.com/en/download/index.jsp )
    6. On the left side of the launcher scroll through the modpacks until you see a + sign that says, "ADD NEW PACK" below it, click on it.
    7. A window will appear that says, "Enter your Technic Platform delivery URL below to add a new pack:" enter the Hexplore-It platform URL into that box...

    Found at the top of the page here ---> http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/hexplore-it.226213

    8. Click "ADD MODPACK"
    9. On the left side of the launcher scroll until you have the Hexplore-It Pack selected.
    10. Click PLAY, the pack will then be downloaded and installed.

    The next thing that you can do if you are still finding that you are unable to launch the modpack is provide some of, if not all of, the information below.

    1. What version of the modpack are you trying to launch.2. What version of Java are you using.
    3. How much RAM does your computer have all together.
    4. How much RAM do you have allocated to the Technic Launcher.
    5. A crash report. Preferably uploaded to ( http://pastebin.com/ ) or in between spoiler tags.
    6. If a crash report doesn’t generate, the contents of your Technic Launcher’s console. Preferably uploaded to (
    http://pastebin.com/ ) or in between spoiler tags.7. If a crash report doesn’t generate, the contents of your ForgeModLoader-client-0.log file. Preferably uploaded to ( http://pastebin.com/ ) or in between spoiler tags.
    8. Google is your friend.

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    mine_my_own_bizz got a reaction from Nefzen in 【Hexplore-It Modpack 】〖TechnicSolder〗Creates a beautiful and DANGEROUS world that begs to be explored!!! (。◕‿◕。)   
    I just redownloaded it to test and it worked for me just fine. I am guessing you may have Java 8 which isn't compatible with 1.6.4 Forge. I am working on pushing an update that fixes that issue today.

    I will aim for tomorrow but not sure I will be able to get it done.

    All you have to do to be able to play with Java 8 is download the mod here and put it in your mods folder.

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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to madogdan in This entire board is Off Topic!   
    You indicate that I have personal issue in life and thus claim that I use these to attack "Innocent" people on the internet, this is a direct attack on a mental state which would be part of having problems in life, I.E Family issues cause a mental state in which the effected have an ongoing mental issue, so by bringing family into the matter therefore you are also potentially bringing in any mental states that the user may have.
    So before you bring in any personal life issue in to any of your arguments, think about whether or not there may also be any mental health issues that could be involved within that issue.
    Ok, here is the fun part, you may have noticed that I have put a part of your quote in bold characters, this is because this actually makes no sense, let's go in to the official definition of "Off-Topic".
    adjective & adverb   (especially of posts on an Internet message board) not relevant to the subject in question. "his second comment is entirely off topic""    
    Therefore by dictionary terms and the official definition of "Off Topic" that the posts in question are on topic and therefore do also contribute to the main discussion of this topic, you also state that you are here to abide by rules and enforce them, yet you are also breaking the rules by continuing to argue in the public eye or interest and also continue to bring this topic further off topic by responding to these messages.
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    mine_my_own_bizz reacted to madogdan in This entire board is Off Topic!   
    I'm not afraid of no ban, I'm not afraid of no moderator, but off-topic has to be something that doesn't relate to the topic in general, Bizz asked for people to post their servers and people have, it was a request from the author for people to do and thus making it actually on-topic.
    Quote from Wikipedia: "In the context of mailing lists, discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, newsgroups, and wikis a contribution is off-topic if it is not within the bounds of the current discussion, and on-topic if it is."
    Dictionary.com: "adjective
    differing from the main topic; not relevant"
    Urban Dictionary: "Something that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, in a bad way.
    A: So has anyone seen the new Star Wars movie? 

    B: Yeah, it was great! 

    C: Hey whats that new song by The Killers called? 

    A: Wow, that was really off-topic."
    And a link in which a student asks what "Off-Topic means" and the student get's a response from a College Teacher: http://www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-means-off-topic-202815
    Oxford Dictionary, probably the worlds number one dictionary has to say this http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/off-topic and for you Americans, http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/american_english/off-topic
    There is multiple sources to provide the correct definition of "Off-Topic" and that is to prove that Bizz and his IP posts are ALL On-Topic.
    If you want true proof of "Off-Topic" then read this whole argument as if you feel that being off-topic is against the rules then you my good "friend" are also breaking the rules that you are trying to defend, GG well played, 10/10 moderation guys, would rate again.
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