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  1. IGN:TenneB25 AGE: 14 SKYPE: kadeem_bennett WHY YOU ?: never been on a whitelisted server and it would be fun to be on a whitelisted server
  2. IGN: TenneB25 Age (You Must Be 13+): me 14 Skype:Kadeem Bennett Did You Read The Rules: yes Why Do You Want To Join The Server: tired of laggy server plus want to play with new people How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: some stuff like half of the mods i know Gender: male
  3. App: IGN:TenneB25 What is your favorite mod in the pack? Carpenter blocks Chisel are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis? Builder and a little of explorer How well do you know the mods? ( will not effect your chances on getting accepted) still learning some of the harder mods Age: 13 but turning 14 soon (This month) Youtube:
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