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  1. Welcome! Congratulations on finding us! You've just stumbled upon your new favorite custom tech pack. This is a tech based mod pack with some adventure mods added in for good measure. The goal of this server is to combine the strong tech based experience of tekkit with the ability to explore dungeons and other dimensions. Some of the mods added to this pack are: ​orespawn better dungeons battle towers infernal mobs youwilldie (not as bad as it sounds if you've never used the mod before) We are looking to add people to our server to both contribute to community builds and join in on dungeon raids. There is no lag and the server has already been stress tested. The staff is knowledgeable about most mods and are more than happy to help you out. This is a whitelisted server. We would like to keep the server population to around 10-12 to allow for a closer community. We also ask that you have skype. If you are interested in joining our group please respond with the following: Age Skype name Minecraft username (ign) What are you best at? Experience with minecraft modpacks How long have you been playing minecraft? Favorite mod Will you be live streaming or recording for Youtube? We look forward to adding you to our community. Additional mods may be added in the future.