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    eren905 reacted to atomicmat in [1.0.9c] Private whitelisted server! 15+ [Whitelist]   
    IGN: atomicmat
    Age: 16
    Reason for wanting to join: I would LOVE to join this server, as I love servers that I sort of mindcrack based, and that have a really nice community that help out and get on with each other. I want to build magnificent things and be able to be inspired by others with mods and builds.
    favorite mod: My favourite mod has to be...Tinker's construct!
    mod experience(how long have u been playing with mods): I have been playing with mods for about 2 and a half years (since i bought minecraft) as they interest me so much! They add so much potential to minecraft! I really do love them, hence why I love this modpack
    Skype(Y/N): Y (matthewjamesbass)
    Thanks for taking your time to read my application!
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    eren905 reacted to switzer in [1.0.9c] Private whitelisted server! 15+ [Whitelist]   
    Hi,I am.
    IGN : SwitzzerS.
    Age : 15 (Mature).
    Reason : Single player isn't that fun, as there is no competition. This modpack is just so easy (ex: diamonds are found at y level 54),And I would like to have some fun in multiplayer where there is someone to chat with.
    Favorite mod: Tinkers' construct.
    Mod experience: not so much with the mechanical stuff.But (I do use it,not a lot though), with things like drops or natural spawns I got it all in mind . I also love building which this modpack enhances a lot by the use of mr.crayfish's furniture and micro blocks.
    Skype : ali.mohamed22696 (picture is a guy holding a water gun : graves if you are familiar with league of legends).
    I do have a nice broad band connection (P.S I live in Egypt so any european area is fine by me,NA is cool but not so good )