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  1. Yes, that is the exact one i had in mind.
  2. oh i see. nonetheless the values are up there, and it seems like a "plus" to me... lol see what i did there!?
  3. cool. thanks for the info. lastly you think the devs are gonna fix this, or know of them knowing about this? anyway very clear explanation thanks again
  4. A similar issue was posted here, or on the tracker here, i cant remember, but anyway what was discussed was a creeper blowing up and the user not dropping a gravestone. as loader put it, being blown up by a creeper doesnt drop a gravestone. its not confirmed 100% of the time, but it is conclusive from others that that is the case. It will also happen with wither bomb explosions as experienced by me. so be careful around exposions.
  5. very cool set-up, i like it, it has a very mad scientist feel to it, in theme with the modpack. not to mention great use with the mob counter and comparator, very intuitive.
  6. Fried Rice Final - 8 - 0.6 (Not sure what this is exactly compared to the above one) Possibly this is the dev's final version of the food? and that the one above was a working version only? regardless the hunger and saturation levels are shown for both, just need some testing for these.
  7. wow, this is amazing. I would link this if you dont mind to the MCF post, but i unfortunately dont have an account there, nor do i have the patience to create one at this time, but nonetheless thanks for the effort. awesome work, could expect nothing less from you buddy. .....im amazed cuz i dont know how to read code! lol. not to discredit kablintion though, cuz it must have taken some time to open the code up, then search the darn thing to look for these values, them compile the list here. so thanks again.
  8. Seems you have done a lot of breeding with these mobs. Very interesting what kind of mob will be produced after generations of breeding.
  9. Just to clarify my previous question, whatTE stuff should i avoid hooking up to GC stuff?
  10. ok so no tesseract from main power source to power my space station? And can you please elaborate on how TE power will cause GC stuff to glitch resulting in chunk loss? thanks in advance.
  11. I dont think this is supported by better storage yet.... dont quote me on that though.
  12. yea that is very strange, and not something you would normally come up with on your own. something that would need to be asked on the interwebz... lol. would not have thought of that one.
  13. yes the galacticraft wiki has a great getting started page. but it lacks the process of actually launching and your options thereafter, for example building a space station or going to the moon. Also things like your rocket launch pads are given to you along with your rocket, in a parachest after you arrive at the moon/space station. very simple stuff, but critical when leaving for the first time. also theres a nasty bug that does not spit your items out of the nasa workbench if you dont have all the necessary materials for the tier 1 rocket. take all your items out first before closing the gu
  14. honestly for oreberries, the harvestor for MinefactoryReloaded is the best route imo. along with an upgraded range, you can have a VERY large area for a plantation of oreberries. All automatically collecting without the fuss of setting up the activators.
  15. I really want to get into using the food plus mod, but i really hate how combining 2 pieces of bread and a steak gives less hunger than a normal steak. I dont know about its saturation, but imo that seems mathematically illogical. i know i know, you're probably saying its food, just roll with it. so my question for those of you that have played around with the mod, what foods are the best for hunger/saturation? A list would do nicely but whatever is cool. there are sooo many foods i dont think anyone would actually come up with a list. Anyways thanks for any and all suggestions and hop
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