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Status Updates posted by Munaus

  1. nice to see you back here again! :backtowork:

  2. the red doesn't match your eyes

    1. EvilOwl


      Yeah, it doesn't really.
      There's so much buttons here.. wonder what this one does.. wel5eYU.gif

      There, i switched it to gravatar but I feel it's still not it.

  3. no spam today either? You're taking all the work away from me!

    Are you trying to make me look lazy?!

    Because I am! :corsair:

    1. Lord Ptolemy

      Lord Ptolemy

      I'll be rolling this out to the discord later:

    2. Munaus


      okay, that's quite cool

  4. oh? when did you happen?

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    2. Munaus


      we can always use fresh meat for the grinder. Welcome to the Elite!


      about time too... I've been looking too good lately, those oldtimers barely kept my pace...


    3. EvilOwl



      I'm getting used to the mod cp and following other mods to learn some things for now.

    4. EvilOwl


      We need a way to communicate Munaus.

  5. your status feed turned into a mile long text wall. I deleted it. Next time, post tech issues on Bug Reports

  6. 2 spambots decided to spam your profile with viagra...

    I didn't know support monkeys were such bot magnets. they sure don't bark on my tree.

  7. An upgrade? Or just a facelift?

    1. Valkon


      I got a thing for my shoulders.

      And my face isn't as thin now for some reason.
  8. Smoke me a kippah, I'll be back for breakfast!

  9. long time... welcome back! :)

    1. Jay?


      Don't get too excited, I may tackle a report here or there, but my time is pretty well consumed on other projects :/
  10. Need help with AotBt? Read this thread:

    1. Kalbintion


      Was actually thinking of writing a new one, to potentially replace the pinned "Common Problems & Solutions" thread.
    2. Munaus


      I'll look forward to it.
  11. You look so grumpy now...

    1. Valkon


      It's what happens when half your face and your arm gets blown off in a thaumaturgic accident.

      At the very least I do have cybernetics now. Though they don't actually do anything special.
    2. Munaus


      So you're an cybernetic-enhanced thaumaturgist? That kinda negates everything... Your machine parts wont run in optimal efficiency due to magical powers coursing through your veins, and you can't cast spells with a cyborg hand.
    3. Valkon


      Yeah, I really didn't think this through. Maybe I should try a different branch of magic. Technomancy, perhaps.
  12. I wonder if Sct will add ES subsection back?

    1. sct


      No plans for this. Should I merge the threads into the main arcade section?
    2. Munaus


      I guess that would be the only option if users wished to read past threads.
  13. Don't post on my profile or PM me for tech support.

  14. Sorry for missreading your post on the AotBt-thread.

    1. PhoenixPlayzz


      Oh, you just apologize after CheapShot called you thick huh? No, Im just kidding XD
  15. a new staff member? cool!

    They haven't mentioned you anywhere, or perhaps I missed the memo...?

    Congratz and good luck with future endeavours!

  16. Glad so see you dropping by now and then :)

    1. Adlersch


      Thanks. I'd post way more often, but you know how life can be. :P
  17. Gosh you are really on fire with the bug reports today! What kind of new years oath did you make? :P

    1. Chefsbrian


      Haha, I'm just done with people not being thorough, and I'm just burning off "Actually fill the report" And quick, bog standard responses to avoid the whole "halp plz bump" nonsense we deal with.
  18. Glühwein. So good. So addictive...

  19. Looks both comical and weird... Is your avatar's face the way you look upon the forum?

    1. Valkon


      Sometimes. Less often recently than when I became a moderator, but it still happens. But that's just the usual expression of the character in my avatar (which is pretty much just my MC skin).
  20. just letting you know I'm stalking you.

    It lets me know when you update your thread with more pictures :P

    1. masterzh


      Yes i know what "follow" feature do. ;) But thanks anyway.
    2. Ilral


      Good idea.
  21. How is it possible that you are Helen Kellered? You have made 2 posts, none of them broke the rules, from what I can tell...

  22. I always thought your avatar looked like a horse's head

    1. TheBytemaster


      After much squinting, I think I see it. Not sure how you got that, but I kinda-sorta-not-really see it.
    2. Munaus


      I tilted my laptop. Now I see that it is a person. Looks like a girl, though...
    3. TheBytemaster


      It is a girl, technically.