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  1. Munaus

    Serendipity (Construction)

    You posted on the Tekkit (space) Server board. Moved to the right board Read the Server Guidelines and edit your title
  2. Munaus

    Pixelmon Keeps Crashing

    custom modpack issues do not belong in Technic launcher bug reports. Other people's work is not our responsibility. Pixelmon is among those we especially wont help with, because Nintendo. Google Pixelmon discord or their forums for tech support
  3. Munaus

    My launcher isn't working

    custom modpack discussion. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  4. Munaus

    Modpack crashes when loading

    Platform Pagoda is where custom modpack discussions go. Moved
  5. If you have a 64-bit OS then you can download the 64-bit Java that allows more RAM to the game. Google java 8 64-bit, and make sure you close the launcher completely after installing it, it should detect and automatically use the new one. If not, when you're on the launcher and the Modpack screen click the Launcher Options and the Java tab. This will show you which java you have installed and how much memory you can allocate. Do not use Java 9 or 10, they do not work with Forge. Don't allocate more RAM than what your pc has. If you only have 2gb RAM then giving 2 to minecraft will suffocate your pc. Your pc needs 1gb RAM to work in the background
  6. Munaus

    Modpack Suggestions?

    There's only one pack I know of that handles Advent properly. That modpack is in Platform Potluck, go look there.
  7. Munaus

    Tekkit Legends Server

    Server issue. Moved to Server Op Swap Shop
  8. Munaus


    Bumping a thread will not give you answers faster. Try our Discord if nobody replies here
  9. read the Server Guidelines. There must be an IP in here. If it is whitelisted it must be stated as such and explain what people need to do to fulfill the whitelist there is also no mention of how many slots this server has. Can you host 10 people or 100? a thousand?
  10. this is the section to advertise your modpack. Not a server we have a different section for servers further down on the board. Either edit your post to reflect what players can do on this modpack or I will delete this topic.
  11. Munaus

    Won't load mods!

    you need to fix all issues before stating that it doesn't work.
  12. Munaus

    Won't load mods!

    you have 2 folders, when it should be 3. Config folder is the missing one In your bin you have a modpack.jar.jar Google "windows shows file extensions" to prevent this from happening. The Forge file must be called modpack.jar DId you edit your mods files in the mod folder? Very few of them have any version numbers on them. No mod developer would ever release their mods without a version number Either you edited them out - DO NOT DO THIS! - or you downloaded from a site like 9mc. Again, do not do this. Mod developers upload their mods in Curseforge or minecraftforum. In a few rare cases the mod devs have their own website. But none of them upload on 9mc or any other website that has a number on its URL address. It is impossible to tell what mods' versions you have in your pack because of the missing numbers. Delete them and upload new ones from the proper website mentioned earlier
  13. Munaus

    Error while launching modpacks

    amateur's work. Moved to Platform Pagoda, for custom pack discussions
  14. Munaus

    My Server Crash on start up

    this does not belong in Off Topic. Moved to Server Op Swap shop
  15. I have a suggestion. How about not posting your server advertisement outside of our Server board?