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    Munaus got a reaction from Ellery in My modpack crashes when loading   
    you don't have any config folder. This must be present, with all the config files from the mods.
    config files generate when you load the mods in the game, so put Forge and 1 mod in the vanilla modpack and launch the game. Then close it and put another mod in, launch it again. Do this for every mod and they will all generate the config files. Copy-paste those files in your modpack folder
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    Munaus got a reaction from xXTheOrbitXx in Custom modpack   
    looks like a decently made pack. configs are filled in, mod versions look okay..
    You obviously know how to make a modpack, judging by this.
    The modpack installed fine, but when it tried to load the mods it took half an hour and got stuck. This wasn't meant for my measly laptop.  Someone else has to give this a go
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    Munaus got a reaction from F9800 in Can't technic mod packs be used as a virus?   
    In reality, all mods for every game available on the internet could potentially be something malicious.
    The same goes for modpacks on Technic launcher, Atlauncher, FTB/Twitch/Curse and Voidswrath launchers.
    Our official modpacks are safe, as is our launcher. When it comes to the thousands of packs on the Platform... it's really hard to say.
    We haven't got any reports of anything that could've harmed anyone, and I've been here long enough to remember if there was any.
    If anything would come up and people report it, we will take action on it.
    considering the minecraft.jar distribution itself is illegal and anyone doing so will get in trouble with Mojang. Such packs should and will be removed. Most of those happen to be young kids who doesn't know how to make modpacks
    the only jar that needs to come with a custom pack is modpack.jar which is only Forge renamed
    Edit. this doesn't belong in Tekkit pack discussion.
    Moved to Cafe Lame
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    Munaus got a reaction from Monepoke33 in Won't load mods!   
    you need to fix all issues before stating that it doesn't work.
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    Munaus got a reaction from Viper_118 in Error in installing modpacks   
    you can see the name of the user who made the pack on the Latest Updates when you're highlighting the modpack on the launcher

    this guy has his own discord server as well- Contact him there. Click on the modpack description window to get to the modpack page for details/links to contact and getting tech help.
    Since this is a custom pack it is not a technic launcher issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
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    Munaus got a reaction from Melfice in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    Eurovision is the worst trash ever.
    I take that back. Europe is the worst garbage redneck musical neanderthals that walk this face of Earth.
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    Munaus got a reaction from Melfice in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    Netherlands better win Eurovision this time. It's the same trucker guy I loved from before!
    Close second favourites are UK (amazingly enough, they've matured!), Finland and Denmark
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    Munaus got a reaction from Kocken926 in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    saw him in Discord some weeks ago. He has only said he's working on it, nothing else revealed
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    Munaus got a reaction from Kocken926 in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    spam bots still come here, just in much fewer numbers. I just bent a Vidghra male enchancement before posting this
    it's much easier to steer the traffic of bug reports to Discord, as we have a bot that analyzes users logs and gives them a solution if it knows the issue.
    yes, we are incredibly lazy.
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    Munaus got a reaction from E4RU in TechnicPack as a modpack producer is very demotivating and sad   
    Tekkit Classic, Lite, Main (space), Legends, Hexxit, Attack of the B-team and Blightfall. I count more than 4 Technic packs
    and that's only by the Technic team, there's also Voltz, TPPI, Big Dig and Hack/Mine that are made by a third party that Technic hosts.
    Technic hosts all these packs, they pay money so people can download them. They also pay to upkeep the Platform and the forum.
    In both the forum and mainly now on the Discord we help users to fix many of their issues relating to launcher not working or modpack problems.
    we also got others jumping the helpwagon, players who enjoy giving time of their day to help others. Yours truly used to be one of them
    Sum that up together and you'll find that the words "sad" or "demotivating" is not the impression you get from Technic. It's quite the opposite.
    But you mentioned modpack bugs and why they wont patch them. There's fairly many reasons for this:
    Mods are either not updated/discontinued like some Hexxit mods
    or they are not updated for that specific MC version, as the mod dev decided to update to a newer MC version. This breaks many packs as you have to decide whether to ditch some mods that lag behind on updates in favour of a few others that has.
    There's also the rare occurrence when some mods working together causes such a bug that neither of the mod devs wishes to take responsibility for it.
    In this example I think of Attack of the B-team and the village crash. A combination of Biomes O'Plenty, Necromancy and vanilla villages caused a crash. Technic could not fix it as the issue lied in the code. But whose code was not up to debate, as the mod devs didn't see it as their problem and Mojang simply doesn't care due to it being a modded client. So Technic disabled vanilla villages as the only solution.
    You also have to take into consideration that Technic team is not a huge triple A company with hundreds of employers. It's Kakermix, Sct, Genpage, Talonos and Skuli. 5 dudes who has lives outside of Technic where they have to work and pay their bills. There used to be more admins than that, but many have quit to pursue their own careers or studies.
    Anyone making a pack, be it willy-nilly or carefully picking certain mods that play nicely together will still have some bugs inbetween them at release. It's impossible for one or two players to spot all of them, but it's guaranteed that hundreds, or in this case thousands playing Technic, will find them. It's easy to get stressed out and point fingers at Technic, while forgetting that other packs made by the community probably have the same bugs, or worse. In addition, many of the packs made by the community does not offer as much help and support as we do here.
    So that just leaves the laziness. They may certainly be that, but seeing as they are still here and Notch, who refused to fix anything and bailed out by selling his game and ran away with the M$ money, Technic is still going strong. That means something.
    So to sum it all up; Recommended is a playable version. It may not be the most bug-free but it can still be enjoyed by the majority. If you want to prove your point of them being lazy then you are very welcomed to try and fix the bugs and exploits and present your version of their pack to the Technic team.
    After all, CanVox, the former modpack creator in Technic, used to be a simple player before he got the position as an admin.
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    Munaus got a reaction from CommYutzy in Can not delete status updates and comments on mod-packs.   
    this is a topic about the Platform and we have a whole section devoted for the Platform
    so why are you posting this on Off Topic.
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    Munaus got a reaction from Kocken926 in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    Fuck this is giving me the chills
    when the warlord comes out to make a speech, a theme is played out. Dayum it sounds nice. I want more drums for any legendary fortress lords I mean to kill.
    I want this game so bad...
    edit. I should also point out the commentary is only for the first 20 secs, then he shuts up for savouring the gameplay sound. I thank the yt uploader for that.
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    Munaus got a reaction from corwin90 in I need help plez   
    why on earth is this on two different colours?
    And why are you not posting this issue on Bug Report?
    org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated this is a video card driver issue, if I recall correctly. Update your drivers
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    Munaus got a reaction from TheBytemaster in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    I hate minecraft. I recently got on my last playthrough on my own, super-secret, hidden, near-perfect-but-not-flawless modpack....
    and I immediately died because my fishing line caught a swordfish by mistake and it attacked and I fell in the ocean and it killed me.
    The swordfish, not the ocean.
    So I thought of quickly going through my base to grab some defense and armour and potions for breathing and.... fuck it. I just reload my savefile. Surely I must have saved last time I played?
    NOOOOOPE! I got back to a save where my base wasn't even finished.
    Fuck fuck fak fck faaak!
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    Munaus got a reaction from v1t0man36658 in Minecraft World Doesn't Start, Title Screen Appears   
    always provide a link to the pack so others can see where the issue lies
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    Munaus got a reaction from planetguy in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    I have a Shadow of a Boner.
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    Munaus got a reaction from Chasish in Making a modpack and It keeps crashing!   
    Moved to Platform Pagoda
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    Munaus reacted to Galanys in Iridezria (Medieval / Fantasy)   
    Tired of every modpack having the same tool progression? Tired of always using Tinker's Construct for everything? Iridezria is a new modpack that goes against the norm and uses MineFantasy II as it's tool progression. Instead of just using a smeltery to melt your ore and cast it, Iridezria has you actually forge your tools with an Anvil and Forge. You need to heat your ingots before working them, and move hot tools or burn yourself. ALL animals now drop hides, which are tanned into an amount of leather depending on the size of the hide. More food choices abound with Pam's HarvestCraft, but don't get comfy with one kind of food, or it won't fill you up after a while. But beware, water isn't what it used to be. Lakes can slowly be emptied and it takes more to irrigate farms, while corner blocks don't protect like before.
         Now you can have actual roofs on your house, and handrails and archways! Like how your house looks afterwards? Save it as a schematic and use it for later!
    Complete modlist and download at: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/iridezria.920818/permissions
    PS: no server is included in the pack at this time. If you start one using this modpack, please let me know on the Technic page and I will try to include it as soon as i can.
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    Munaus got a reaction from Lethosos in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    "Can Pink Magic really Enhance my Mean Muscle Machine?"
    best spambot title I've seen today
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    Munaus got a reaction from TheBytemaster in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    "Can Pink Magic really Enhance my Mean Muscle Machine?"
    best spambot title I've seen today
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    Munaus got a reaction from Lethosos in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    anyone know a good deal for Xplosive male enhancement?
    <.< asking for a friend >.>
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    Munaus got a reaction from Melfice in Music 'N' Stuff   
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    Munaus got a reaction from TheBlueGames in Cant play any modpacks   
    post the log
    logs can be found when clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window.
    If you can't open the launcher the logs can also be found inside %appdata% -> Roaming -> .technic -> logs
    Paste the content on pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com and give the link.
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    Munaus got a reaction from Kocken926 in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    and here I thought they wouldn't make one, because of the MMO
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    Munaus got a reaction from arriej in Most common issues and fixes! And known problems   
    right, I'm getting quite tired of seeing people ignore the original post. Both I and Arriej wished you would use the Bug Reports instead of this, this thread was meant to show you the fixes for errors.
    Since there aren't more fixes to post I'm going to lock this
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