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    LDyer336 reacted to dwwojcik in Technic Platform V2 and Technic Launcher V3   
    No.  That's just because the site is in Beta.  Your V1 will work fine with the real deal.
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    LDyer336 reacted to DiggyWig in Technic Platform V2 and Technic Launcher V3   
    Same here, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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    LDyer336 got a reaction from jbrown in *NotOfficiallyRecommended* ✶KingdomsCity Unleashed Server✶ ➔ ☁ Whitelist ☁ Friendly Community ☁ 25+ Slots   
    Ingame Name: LDyer336

    Age:  53 I'm a big kid

    Why you want to join:  I'm always looking for a family friendly server to play on

    Skype Name (PM me if you want it to be private):  LDyer336

    How well do you know this mod pack:  not an expert at it, but want to learn more

    Do you agree to the rules?  Yes, I agree to the rules.
    Linda (LDyer336)
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