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    MrMunk00 reacted to CanVox in Let's Test B-Team 1.0.13c!   
    Well I guess I could remove its private status if you guys REALLY want to play it.

    My bad, it's now latest.
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    MrMunk00 reacted to Pojster in It's random, it's crazy, it's a story worth telling. (AotBT)   
    First story:  I had just found a new white listed server, the perfect place I was looking for.  Still there and quite happy with my fellow servites.  I logged in for the first time into the humble spawn area (it's new so quite under developed so far) and right above me is a tornado!  Wow!  In the tornado is a bat!  One of my comrades just spinning around getting tossed about!! First experience with AOTBT and first tornado, all within 20 seconds!!
    Second: After some searching I found where to begin my base.  My brother who plays on this server as well, wanted a mountain next to a jungle.  Found a Crag Mountain butted up to a jungle: PERFECT!  I start tunneling inside to begin collecting materials.  Behind me, the server owner shows up.  He starts smacking me with his sword!!!  I scream "HEY, what's up?!?!?."  "Oh, sorry," he replies, "Saw a bat and still haven't gotten that morph!"
    Third: My brother and I take on our first Wither.  I had been preparing for this.  I made a cleaver with high attack and beheading (and some other mods).  I have the fly gene, my brother is a bat.  The Wither is agro to him so he's dodging around while I am beating on the Wither.  Suddenly, he darts in front of me and I one hit slash his neck and pop his head clean off!!!  He hadn't even taken damage from the Wither yet!! Now his head hangs in our entryway to our base!
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