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    LaserPhantom reacted to djpersing15 in [1.0.12a] Medusa Cascade [15 slots] [Whitelist]   
    The Server is shut down now, due to last minute change of my server host. Many files were lost, and we cannot recover it. My players won't probably come back. 

    I'm switching to Tekkit. 
    Hello! My name is DJ. This is a new server and it is only 14 days old! More players are joining, but we still have available slots. If this server is going great, I'll update the memory and ram of the server next month and I will increase the number of slots. We prefer experienced players, but we accept the range of age!
    I know it must get annoyed with having short-timed world and players leaving all time. That's why I strive to keep this server for 6 to 12 months. Also, I have Facebook page and Skype. So I'm easy to get and any issues will be resolved as soon as possible. I'm familiar with many mods. If you need help, just holler out at me, and I'll be more than willing to answer your questions. 
    About me: I'm only 22 years old and I'm Rochester Institution of Technology student. My major is Information Technology. I have been playing Minecraft since two years ago, however I went in modpacks quickly. I have experiences with Technic and FTB. I love them both. I love AOTBT because it's adventuring and challenging modpack. The galactic mod is my favorite in this modpack. 

    Plugins: WorldEdit, Worldborder, Essential.
    For Dynmap, there's issues with it currently and I'm trying to resolve it with the server hosting support.
    The expected up-time is 24/7.
    The server host is ProMinecraftHost.

    Server IP:
    Whitelist: yes
    No hacking No griefing No stealing No begging for items No violence, consensual PVP only.  If you are breaking rules, I will put you in jail. I don't believe in ban anymore. The jail will justify that. 
    There are no events, but you can message me or set up a poll to get major votes from players on Facebook page. I'd love to get some fighting action. 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1473509959559598/
    Skype username: Djpersing15 (Be sure to let me know in the friend request otherwise I'll not accept you.)
    Name (No last name, please) Username  Skype (optional)  Age 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT Comment on this or PM me. 
    Now it's time to enjoy our server! 
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    LaserPhantom got a reaction from djpersing15 in [1.0.12a] Medusa Cascade [15 slots] [Whitelist]   
    Name (No last name, please) Bill Username: LaserClan Skype (optional) Airbending Sheep on Facebook (Long story...) Age: 16 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT: Community Building Building Projects Love the Mods (P.S. I teared a little when I saw this, the last two server I played closed down after 3 weeks or so. I got so invested and then got really frustrated. Just one thing, if you plan to close the server, can you send everyone the map?)
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    LaserPhantom got a reaction from 94401 in [1.0.9c]E-Network - Whitelist - No banned items - 15 Slots [PvE]   
    i think its time, if its not up for another week, then all hope is lost
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