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    jeffreyvdelshout reacted to falkentires55 in (Whitelisted) Bukkit/B-Team Server w/ Multiple Worlds   
    I run a server that has some active players, but I would like to increase that size, and I am willing to give away 20 slots! I have a protection plugin, that allows each player to claim 10k blocks using a golden shovel, and you get more per hour. I also have a creative world that is accessible to everybody, where you can claim up to 2 slots in the default Member group. The server is still a work in progress, but I plan to add minigames in the future. We do events at spawn where I hide unique items such as Tinker Tools, and ore berry bushes in chests and sometimes multiple chests that contain items can be hidden making the game more fun.
    If this sounds interesting, and you would like to join, please leave your username in the comments! I would prefer for memebers to be 16+, but as long as you act maturely, then age doesn't really matter. Thanks guys!
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    jeffreyvdelshout reacted to brink88 in started a attack of the bteam server   
    started a server with attack of the b-team need players will be white listed will be streaming with twitch and recording on youtube message me or add my skype: brink291088 or pwehmer
    will need to play regulary for twitch and need skype
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