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  1. Hey guys! Looking for a few people to come on play on my Legends server will be open 24/7 hosted in NY with 6GB of ram. I'll be adding in grief protection for you guys and doing my best to no ban any items. Really looking to build a community of great people to move between modpacks as and when we fancy. Server is paid for a little while so you won't lose all of your work at the end of the month. Very much a care bear community. PvE unless agreed. Post your IGN below if you're interested!


  3. Bare with me guys Fluctis panel had whitelist enabled on it. I want to use standard whitelist so have to go through and add you all. Try again in 10 minutes
  4. Okay guys. I've gone through and added everyone above to the Whitelist, pmed them the IP and added them to the list in the first post. People are still welcome to apply and i'll add in players as and when the community feels we need them.
  5. There might still be a few slots. I'm going to talk to Davicon tonight, i'm not sure how everyone on the server is going to feel about having half the server filled by one group.
  6. Hi everyone Thanks so much for all the responses. I wasn't expecting so many so quickly! I'll be online tonight and go through everyone and send out the IP. See you online soon!
  7. Server is currently full. You are still welcome to apply and i'll contact you when spaces become available. Looking for a few select players to play on a whitelisted community server. All mods enabled, no protection, ect. The server is currently hosted in Paris, so it might be better for EU players however we do have someone who plays from Texas so it shouldn't be an issue if you're from the US. I aim to create a small and friendly community of players so although there will be no protection there should be no stealing, raiding or non-consequential pvp. We are very much a care bear server. If you have any questions or suggestions please post them below! If you're interested please post below with your IGN and time zone and if you're accepted i'll drop you a message. Current Players - 1 - KaydenTheGamer 2 - MC_AT_THE_MAX 3 - epicgamer503 4 - xLcDCKILLA 5 - TheVampiricT 6 - davicon1000 7 - g_raywolf 8 - swab2002 9 - wownelly 10 - wildmountain1
  8. The server is saying "Server out of date" in the list for the multiplayer menu. It also says 1.3 in red. Even if the server is up, it's not working for any players on the current B-Team client.

    1. xSable


      Sometimes it jumps between 1.3 and 1.7.10
  9. Server is back up and everyone above this post has been whitelisted. I'll send everyone PMs with IP and the pack. Won't be taking on anyone else for now unless they are a friend of someone on the server.
  10. I'll add everyone who applied as soon we're ready to roll later tonight.
  11. We have the server back online but the map is gone guys....
  12. The server is broke. The one day I can't get on to fix it. I'll have it back online asap guys. Sorry to ruin your Friday!