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  1. i've already been added to the whitelist according to this site; but when i go into the game ad use your Ip address it will not allow me to join the game, bringing up the error message of: "This server is whitelisted. post on the forums to be added to our whitelist here http://adf.ly/e%o0h ". please fix this soon, I have been trying to fix this for an hour now. thanks PS: I have already tried to go onto your webpages provided at the top and the one suggested in the error message.
  2. hello, my name is jadefury81. I am 17 years old. For a while now I've been searching for a server with many people, towns, economies, and factions so i can be a part of something; rather than playing Minecraft alone for many hours with little to no one to talk to. I also don't mind doing the little jobs such as fetching things for others. Although I may not be the smartest when it comes to redstone logic or power systems but I am always ready to learn. Personally I love the thrill of climbing a mountain, scaling the tallest trees, or even delving into the depths of underground caverns looking for the many treasures that dwell in Minecraft. besides this, I mostly enjoy working with others to create themed villages,basses,space stations, or even hiding them from sight. But my only question for today is, Will you let me join?
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