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    ClaytonRayG got a reaction from yourcreeper007 in Blast Zone: Can you survive the world? Or can the world survive you? [Technic Launcher][Dedicated Server][PvP/Survival]   
    Jump into BlastZone, a survival/pvp modpack designed to make you fight to survive. Make allies, form enemies, conquer the world with the strength of technology and bombs!   The world only wants you destroyed, will you let it conquer you or will you dominate your enemies in this brand new world? From machines that help you advance your might to explosives that showcase the flaws of your fellow being, you will be challenged to thrive where few survive.   The pack comes with a server already ready for you to enter. Technic Launcher page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/blast-zone.476201 Technic Launcher api: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/blast-zone   The mods contained in the pack are:  Applied Energistics  BigReactors  Biomes O' Plenty  Deadly Worlds  Extra Utilites  EnderIO  Ender Storage  Galacticraft  Galacticraft Mars  Gravestone Mod  ICBM  Infernal Mobs  Inventory Tweaks  Iron Chest  Lava Monsters  Mekanism  Mekanism Generators  Mekanism Tools  Minefactory Reloaded  Modular Force Field System  Modular Power Suit Addons  Modular Power Suits  Nether Ores  Not Enough Items  Not Enough Keys  OptiFine  ProjectRed  Redstone Arsenal  Secret Rooms  ShowDurability  Special Mobs  Sound Filters  Thermal Expansion  VoxelMap  Zombie Awareness  
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    ClaytonRayG reacted to ImCoolYeah105 in Voltz Beta 3.0.0 going live soon-ish.   
    While rotarycraft in on itself is a very cool mod, it lacks the functionality of mekanism. Rotarycraft simply does not work with voltz- it's power system is incompatible, has no means of storing energy, and cannot be powered by voltz machines. It is now next to impossible to run any kind of machine except those from rotarycraft. Mekanism was built off of voltz and therefore has more functionality. It allows for steel and bronze production, charging power armor, and storing compatible energy for atomic science, ICBM, etc. Rotarycraft simply does not supply the necessity do do well in voltz. Please readd mekanism.
    P.s. I did extensive testing of mekansim and it appears rather stable, not to mention the long lasting dup glitch is now fixed. Unless it is a mod pack perms thing, please readd mekanism.
    P.s.s. For those crashing remove mad science from the mods folder. Worked for me.
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