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  1. Server App: IGN: Ducati432 Age: 14 Timezone: Est time Tekkit classic experience: I know the basics but I'm willing to learn way more about the modpack. Creativeness: mild Why you would like to join: Because playing Tekkit alone is not fun and its a great way to start friendships.
  2. If you were selected you will be notified through Skype or if you don't have a Skype, I'll send you a message.
  3. I have just created a atobt server (White listed) and looking for a small community to play with. If you would like to join the server you must follow these rules: 1. No greifing!!! 2. No stealing!!! 3. Pranks are allowed but don't go to overboard. Since the server is gonna be white listed we would need a application. The application must need: Age: (No age limit) Ign: Are you a experience Aotbt player?: Why do you want to join the server?: Skype: I am taking around 10 people for the server. You will be notified if you were selected to join the server.
  4. You just don't give out your ip like that, someone can ddos your router.
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