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    iPwnKatkat got a reaction from logger in Attack Of The B-Team SMP [WhiteListed] -=+Apply Now+=-   
    Username: iPwnKatkat
    Age: 13
    Skype (If U have One): iPwnKatkat
    Do Your Record?? Yes Or No: No
    If Yes Whats your Channel and : N/A
    How Many Subs??: N/A
    How Much experience Do You Have With The ModPack?? 1-10: 9.5
    Are You A Builder, redstoner, Explorer, or all of them: Builder and Explorer
    Are You A Good Builer?? 1-10: 7.5
    Are You Going to be Active??? Tell Me How Long/When you can/will come on: Yes more than 4 hours a day on normal days
    Will You ever Donate (Wont Affect Chances Of Getting Picked): Unlikely but there's a possibility
    Will You Help The Community?: Yes, if you need my help I will try my best to help you out.
    Why Should i pick you out of everyone else??: To be honest, that doesn't matter for me. Pick me if you think I deserve to be chosen but if not then I at least thank you for acknowledging me.
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    iPwnKatkat got a reaction from Banana_IBlitz in [1.0.10b] Attack of the B-Team Server [Whitelisted]   
    Got it! I will edit it
    Question though, How will we know if we get accepted or not?
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