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  1. While this is true..... Frizzil stated that he IS going to open source it.  Which means that other people will be able to make advancements on it and bring the mod back to life.  I am working on getting 2 really good developers to work together to bring Hack/Mine back.  HACK/MINE REBORN.

    Dude if you are, please use the agility stat and use capes!

  2. So I've been getting back into Hack/Mine lately, I wanted to on some server. But everytime I try, the server is gone or it says I need an older version on H/M. I also heard that H/M is dead. My question is: Does any server at all work, or am I doomed to single-player forever?! Please respond, I need to know! :o  :fireman:  :psypop:  :negative:

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