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  1. Oh boy, where to start.


    Hi, my name's TrueCatalyst. I dunno about you, but I've always loved roleplaying, in any game really.

    Minecraft, I find, is a very flexible game. And Hexxit allows 20x more flexibility, what with all the mobs and

    changed terrain... Weapons... The Twilight Forest...


    It's like, a whole lot of worlds mashed together. What I think is cool, is the stories that can be written with

    this flexibility. Stories of you and me, of heroes or villains. Men and women, winning or losing together.


    I mean, how long can one stand to be alone... To not share the adventure of Hexxit?


    Well, here's a way for you laidback, smart kids.



    <-- TrueCatalyst and Z8MB1E -->




    Sorry. I got excited.

    What does it mean? A roleplay server?

    Does that mean I don't get to do things my way? What if I wanna just cut trees and kill bears... Eat slime...


    Feel free. We're totally leaving those who just wanna come along for some rough country survival stuff alone.


    However, if you are one of those guys, like me, who was searching for a millenia for one good Hexxit server... One without

    a bunch of unnecessary addons, complicated rules, dumb policies... One for some serious, epic roleplay...

    You've come to the right place my friend. We've got custom, hand-written lore right here, with a whole lot of Dark-Souls-esque factors, similar to bonfires.


    We enforce... "realism", in this magical realm. So no "/me cuts your head off lol"s here.

    I myself have been roleplaying for years and find that fighting monsters is much better than facing possible companions.

    But I'm getting off subject. And I'm pressing enter too much.


    In this realm, called the Hollow, once named something much greater, is at the bottom of the drain. Imagine... All the worlds possible in the infinite expanse of

    time and space have itty-bitty holes in them. Some are created by scientists... Evil wizards... Or just supernatural anomalies. They rip people, souls, pieces of the earth,

    out of their home dimension, and toss it into the Hollow. You, by either dying or touching one of these holes (giggity) have been sucked into the Hollow.

    Whether this is a living purgatory, or a dead world, the threat is still very much real.


    Rule like an angry God. Escape, leave this place. Or fix what just might be broken.


    [im new to this. First Minecraft server. Cut me some slack.]


    IP: TBA