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    1. Minecraft Name: SirPuncakes
    2. Skype Name: SirPuncakes
    3. Age: 17
    4. Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): Around 8
    5. Favorite Mod: AOTBT and Hexxit
    6. Do you plan to record? Possibly but it depends on the server...
    7. What does Zaepora love? Ocelots!
    8. What do you like to do in Minecraft? Well i like to place blocks and then destroy them. 
    9. Why do you want to be on our server? Hmmmm..... cause i don't like to play alone :( and it seems like a cool server
    10. What else should we know about you? Well im a Weight Lifter/Stud Muffin and i like to place blocks on Minecraft :)
  1. In-Game Name: SirPuncakes
    Age: 17
    Why do you want to play on this server: Cause Attack of the B-Team is amazing and i like smaller servers
    What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): Little of everything, But i sure do enjoy mining
    What DON’T you like to do: PvP and Griefing
    Experience with modpack (1-10): i'd say around 6. 
    What is love: Garbage
    Squirtle or Pikachu: Squirtle is my EVERYTHING! 
  2. IGN :: SirPuncakes 



    Age :: 17



    Where I'm from :: The U.S.A :)



    About Me :: I enjoy playing Minecraft and Modpacks also I would love to join a whitelisted Tekkit Server (Hint, Hint)



    Why I want to join the Server :: I would Like to join Because It seems as if the community you have is great and Tekkit is Awesome 



    What do I want to Build :: A nice home with my Cousin Tomarama64 for now, other things as we go on :)

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