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  1. Skype- kenneth.cortes4 (Microphone is fine ) Age- 16 Knowledge- I know a whole lot about this modpack Sex- Male Name- Kenny(My IGN is Heyjude432) No youtube channel, sorry
  2. Not sure if there are still any server spots left but I would love to join the server! IGN- Heyjude432 Skype- kenneth.cortes4 Age- 17 Region- East US ====================================================================== I hope to see you on the server soon bud!
  3. IGN's: Mine- Heyjude432 Friend- Evileverett Skype's: Mine- kenneth.cortes4 Friend- chickennuggetsandcheese Why we want to join: We have been unable to find an AOTBT server to play on, and this seemed like a lovely choice! What we plan on doing: Having fun with the mods and becoming a part of the community! Our ages: Both 15 How often we will play: We will most likely play for a couple hours 5-6 days a week, you will see us on often! Extra comments: I hope to see you on the server soon! Genders: Both male
  4. IGN: Heyjude432 How active: I play on most days for a couple of hours, I will often be online! Age: 16 How well do you know the mod pack: I know the mod pack well, some mods I have absolutely no idea how to work but some I have mastered. Am I willing to donate: Possibly! Whats my favorite mod in the pack: Biomes o' plenty! Skype: kenneth.cortes4 I hope to see you on the server soon!
  5. IGN: Heyjude432 Skype: kenneth.cortes4 Mic: Yes Why do I want to join the server: It is hard to find a server to play on, many servers are too large with abusing staff and owners, I am hoping to see you on the server soon.
  6. Age: 14, I have been told I am more mature then my actual age, I am kind, respectful, and helpful and will express these traits on the server. I am a fan of the small community servers and hope to see you there! Experience: I have toyed around with the mod pack for a bit and have seen a couple of videos on the modpack, but thats about it. How often will I be playing: Like yourself, I play Minecraft at random times. I will most likely be coming on every other day at least. Where am I from: New York Skype: kenneth.cortes4 IGN: Heyjude432 I hope to see you on the server soon bud! (Fun fact, I accidentally deleted this entire thing and had to type it twice )
  7. In game name: Heyjude432 Age: 14 years old Knowledge of this mod-pack on a scale of 1-10: 6.5, I am rather new, but have been obsessively watching videos on the modpack so I will soon gain more knowledge as I play along and view more videos Why I want to join this server: I want to join because vanilla Minecraft began to bore me and this mod-pack has made the game fun again, I now need a nice community server to join and this server seems like a great choice! I'd love to hear from you soon!
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