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    Heyjude4321 reacted to Dolmanet512 in Whitelist attack of the B-Team server 15+   
    This server is white listed, and is for mature people only. Due to this reason we only accept applications of ages 15+. The server is brand new, and already has a few members, who are very kind. We are looking for about 7 more members. We will get back to you within a week if you are accepted.    Rules: No griefing or stealing. Don't kill unless allowed/ playing around.  Pranks are allowed.  Try not to use blocks that cause the world lag.   Please answer the following questions- IGN? How active? Age?  How well do you know the mod pack? Are you willing to help the community/donate to help with costs? Whats your favorite mod in the server? Skype name?
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    Heyjude4321 reacted to xxxnano in New B team server   
    Starting a new B-team server, looking for mature players. I would prefer you be over the age of 20, but exceptions will be made for anyone I feel is mature enough. I would also prefer to have a few people on the server at almost all times, I don't have a set schedule so I have a tendency to play at random times.
    I'll start off with a little about me; I am an easy going 20 year old, from the US, love minecraft, and I am on quite often. Also I don't have an immense amount of experience with this mod, about 12 hours.
    The server will be 24/7 so anyone from any region is welcome to join. No mod experience needed.
    Now tell me a little bit about you:
    Age:  (If younger than 20 please explain your personality type.)
    Experience: (Like I said before, not very important.)
    How often you'll be playing: 
    Where you are from: (Also doesn't matter much, but fun to know.)
    and last but not least, IGN:
    Thanks, have a great day.
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    Heyjude4321 reacted to TheHungryBird in Private Survival Bteam Server   
    Knowledge: about 7-8
    Why I want to join: I've been looking for a small community just like this where we can just have fun, I've been playing on the mod pack for ages on single player and want a group to play with
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    Heyjude4321 reacted to Bigmac102466 in Private Survival Bteam Server   
    I just made a full survival Bteam server. I am new to the bteam modpack and need a little help so I decided to have a small community server just like Bdouble0's to get used to the mods and have a little help along the way. There is NO GRIEFING and no pvp unless someone agrees too. To join fill out this application.
    Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale:
    Why do you want to join?:
    I will send you a message if I accept your application with the server ip.
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