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    I love Minecraft, programming, and building computers! The last one I built was a 16 GB, i5, EVGA GTX 650, 280 GB SSD, 2TB HDD computer.
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  1. Sorry about that, I've been trying to fix some problems I've been having. It's up now, and hopefully will be up for a while!
  2. Sorry about that. I wasn't able to reach the server and it had shut down for some reason. In case you're still interested, it is up and running again.
  3. Hey, OK I'm really sorry about that. I'm not sure why that's happening though because everyone else can get on just fine. I do believe I can fix it though, it might take some time. Again, sorry about that!
  4. Also, because of consumer demand, keepInventory is set to true for all those who live on the edge ;)
  5. Hello! I'm not sure If you're still accepting people onto your server, but I'd love to join! I have extensive knowledge with Logistics and ME systems and love building complex machines for simple tasks! Thanks for reading, hope you're OK with me! Oh, and I am from the U.S. but my times are flexible. IGN, Skype, Steam: djl911djl911
  6. Don't worry, I have it disable explosions already because of course someone could put a nuke just outside spawn and blow it all up. Thanks.
  7. Welcome! There is a new server starting for people who want to casually play Tekkit Lite. The only banned mod is Balkon's Weapon Mod and Dimensional doors, simply because they conflicted with plugins and crashed the server. It's not whitelisted, all explosions are disabled, keepInventory is on, and just about anything you do is Ok, EXCEPT: Spamming Duplication Disrespect Griefing Plugins: Grief-Prevention - Supports Tekkit Lite protection. Use a Golden Shovel to claim. iConomy - A very simple economy. Type /money for help. DiabloDrops - Minecraft world generation with cool items! SignShop - Sell and buy items, supports Tekkit! And Many More! (Type /plugins to view) The server IP is: ironrockmc.ddns.net Our website can be found at ironrockmc.enjin.com Thanks!
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