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  1. So, the game crashes everytime I log onto my world where I have a ton of stuff done but I have no idea what caused it. Hopefully someone can help and if this is in the wrong area of the forums I apologize. Crash Report:http://paste.ubuntu.com/7484671/
  2. This also happened to me but it was due to the fact that the Safari Net launcher was in a different mode changing the ID of the Launcher causing it to not craft
  3. Well that sucks due to the fact I had maxed Tinker tools and some Thermal expansion machines. It's strange because my friend had blown me up before with the Dubstep gun while I was in bat morph and my grave was there so I guess it's only with creepers. I guess I'm gonna need to make more tools and perhaps extras so I have some grinding for better tools in my future :/
  4. Now I know that this may or may not be posted in the right area and by that I mean the tracker but while playing Attack of the B-Team today on a server with a few friends a creeper snuck up on me and blew up taking 10 hearts from me leaving me with 3 hearts when a second creeper blew me up.As I went back to the area which was right next to my house when I noticed that only the stuff from my knapsack had dropped but my gravestone wasn't there.This worries me due to the fact I've died while flying in morph and my gravestones have always appeared in midair.Now I want to ask if this has happened to anyone else and if I could find it anywhere where there's might have been hiding.
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