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    EvilOwl got a reaction from VincentHaude in Launcher not installing.   
    We need logs to help with this issue.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Dia_Pig in If I start a modpack from technic launcher, nothing happens   
    We do not support java 9.
    Uninstall java 9 and install the latest 64 bit java 8.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from 100petr in Wrong translation   
    People that spot translation issues can fork the launcher's repository, change/fix/add translations, and make a pull requests with the changes.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from E4RU in Modpacks wont open! Everytime I open a pack it crashes!   
    @658.am this is an issue in lwjgl that's happening on Win 10 machines with old Intel hardware and recent java 8 versions.
    The issue and the fix was mentioned like gazillion times on this board. Just search for "Pixel format not accelerated". Hint: downgrade your java version to 8u25 x64.
    P.S. you broke the rules by posting that wall of text (log). Use pastebin links, edit your post and fix the issue.
    @E4RU you have potential, join our Discord, check out the crash solving bot in action in our help channel, ask questions or just come and hang out with the community. I forgot about rules, yeah, definitely read those if you decide to stay.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from TheToxic1 in will not launch??   
    Remove java 9.
    Install 64 bit java 8.
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    EvilOwl reacted to AetherPirate in Could someone please make a modpack please   
    Give it a try yourself. 
    1) Install Plowman's Barebones pack for the version of Minecraft you want. Probably 1.7.10 is best. 
    2) Run it once. It will create the folder structure you need in your technic folder. On a PC your modpacks are in C:\Users\*yourusername*\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks
    3) Grab a few of the mods you'd like to have in your pack from safe sources (author's website, github, curseforge, Mineraforum. Avoid anywhere else. 
    4) Drop them the /mods folder. Consider adding them one at a time.  Read author instructions carefully. Often you need more than one .jar file. 
    5) Run it again. If it works, add more mods and repeat. If it crashes, pastebin the crashlog here and you'll get help. Once you have all your mods, go into /configs and make any changes you'd like. 
    Start with that. 
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    EvilOwl reacted to Munaus in Account Deletion   
    welcome to Technic
    you can check-in whenever you want
    but you can never leave
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from TreyR9 in How do you post a comment as text? It only lets me post photos   
    The forums are currently in fail safe mode, some features are broken after a failed update attempt (like posting, some attachments and the theme).
    The admins know about this and are already in the process of fixing all this but it will take some time so just relax for now and wait.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Gamasan in Please Help. Modpacks dont open...   
    org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated that means you upgraded to windows 10 an old pc, too old for that actually.
    Downgrade java from version 8 to version 7 and it should work. Here's the complete tutorial form one of our Discord Moderators:
    Please press WindowsKey + X and click on "Programs and Features" and uninstall all copies of Java. After that, install Java 7 from this link:
    Remember to restart your pc afterwards.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from The_HydroX in [Debian 4.0.4] gui image errors   
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Mattvid132 in Mods Don't Work After Installing Avast Free Antivirus   
    Can you get me the latest log from .technic/logs ? Open it, select all the contents and copy it to http://paste.ubuntu.com, fill in the author and hit paste, the site will reload, copy the link (address) and post it here.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from cclutch in Launcher Settings will not reach 2 GB for AotBT   
    You need x64 java, download it from https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Windows Offline (64-bit) then restart your pc and run the launcher again, go to the Launcher settings and set your memory to 2GB, try to run the modpack again
    ... and post the api link for that modpack.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from NedelcuAMan in Change the startup resolution of a modpack   
    Go to Launcher Options for that.

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    EvilOwl got a reaction from ThatOneHazard in Technic error   
    That happens because you have security software blocking ads in your system and that resource link has "/ad/" in the address.
    Disable ad-blocking or make an exception for the .technic directory (and probably java).

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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Smaltin in What is going wrong   
    You have not created a Attack of the B-Team server. You created a vanilla server so all moded blocks are being deleted.
    You probably started the server with the minecraft_server.jar, that's wrong.
    There should be a launch script in there to run the server. Use it.
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    EvilOwl reacted to Melfice in TreeCapitator?   
    Presumably whether or not it should be added.
    And then they left it to the pack developer's discretion.

    (I'm not saying anything new, by the way. This is exactly the same post as Bochen's. Just worded differently.)
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from asaisav in Have only 64 bit Java, cannot allocate more than 1 GB RAM   
    You obviously did some searching on that issue so you should know a log will get it all sort out. Get your latest launcher log and post its contents on paste.ubuntu.com.
    Post the link
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    EvilOwl reacted to Isigiel in Technic Launcher geht nicht   
    Am besten du lädst die Logs hoch, dazu den Launcher öffnen, auf Launcher-Optionen klicken und dann auf "Logs Öffnen". Danach den Inhalt der neuesten Datei unter http://paste.ubuntu.com/ posten und den Link hier teilen.
    Alternativ kannst du auch mit dem Button "Pack Löschen" das pack entfernen und erneut installieren.
    TL;DR: Post the launcher logs or reinstall the pack.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from vinsonc11 in Extreme Stuttering   
    You have a environment variable set in the system and it's limiting your java memory to 512MB whatever you set in the launcher.
    Read on environment variables (just google it) go to your system settings and remove any "JAVA_OPTIONS" variable, restart pc.
    Report any findings.
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    EvilOwl reacted to Munaus in Not running minefaft?   
    Wrong Bug board, mate. We don't run any games called "minefaft". I suggest you ask help from the company that owns "minefaft" for help
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Lethosos in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    ...normal attractive people...
    Just remove it.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Lethosos in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    Yeah. I'm spying people for new modpacks...
    Looks like it's fixed.
    People keep saying that I'm always not happy, one of my (modpack maker) friends told me I should use this as my avatar on all the possible sites :/
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from radmp41 in My Minecraft Modpack Crashes When Joining A Server   
    I've seen a lot client crashes involving evolve. I also had that happening to my personal client modpack.
    5GB is too much. 2-4GB is enough. Java becomes "lazy" when you reach a certain amount of ram.
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Gigawatz in modpack creation assistance   
    Do it like this:
    download this modpack with your launcher http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/simply-forge-pack drop your mods in the mods directory inside .technic/modpacks/simply-forge-pack/ run the modpack close it Now you have the default config files ready in .technic/modpacks/simply-forge-pack/config
    Make 3 directories: bin, mods and config
    place Forge universal jar renamed to modpack.jar in bin place your mods in mods place your config files in config select all 3 directories and zip them together into a file called "mypack1.0.zip" upload it to a platform supporting direct download links, copy the direct link from there (check on a different pc or in a different browser if the file is accessible) go to the platform, make a modpack, insert the direct link, hit Update, set the version as needed (1.0 in this case)
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    EvilOwl got a reaction from Gigawatz in modpack creation assistance   
    modpack.jar is just a renamed Forge universal jar file, use this one.
    All default config files are generated when you run your modpack locally for the first time.
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