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  1. I have been having this same problem on a server. We are running 10b. It doesn't happen every time but it happens when I leave a chunk and come back. Especially when I go to the nether. A re-log usually fixes it.


    At the same time I am also having a similar problem... When I leave the chunk my item system is in. Upon return my routed request pipes will not give me my items. The number of items I request goes down appropriately but nothing comes out of the pipe or goes in the chest (I have tried it both ways). Now, I do not loose any items (which seems to be different then what i have been reading about) after a little while the number of items goes back up. The only solutions I have found is to break the routed request pipe and place it back again or a re-log. This is only temporary however because once I leave it happens again. This is also true for all three of my routed request pipes (in spread out locations) I have to break and replace each one individually as I need to use it. I am getting pretty sick of this routine. I feel like these two problems are related somehow. Other people on my server are experiencing the same problems, including the first problem. I have also tried the above fix and nothing. The server is not mine, but I have Op/Moderator status. I also have access to server log in. Can anyone help?



  2. Hey, this is an app. for two people who live in the same house and would like to play on a server together! 
    A follow-up will be sent from the second player (wordpainter423)! Thanks!
    Minecraft Name: dougiebone
    Skype Name (required-Lady Z wants to speak with each applicant to ensure they understand the server rules): douglas.geiman
    Age: 27
    Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 7
    Favorite Mod: Thermal Expansion
    Do you plan to record? No
    What does Zaepora love? Ocelots
    What do you like to do in Minecraft? I like the modded tech stuff and to build structures. I'm a big Sci-fi fan so most of my stuff is themed accordingly. I think AotBT is a great multi-player mod pack and relish the chance to play in a community.
    Why do you want to be on our server? Helpful and pleasant? I can build and/or advise people on how mods work.
    What else should we know about you? Wordpainter423 is my girlfriend so we would really like to play together and hope to hear from you soon!
  3. IGN:  dougiebone

    Age (no restrictions on age):  27

    Experience level (with AotBT and/or MC): I am a veteran of Vinilla and have still got some things to learn In AotBT. 

    What you are looking for in a server: I am looking for a server to play AotBT, this mod pack seems to be more fun multplayer. Just looking for a 24 hour server to mellow out after work. I am friendly and helpful.

  4. 2 Prospects Here:



    Minecraft Username: dougiebone
    Age: 27
    A bit about yourself: Trombone player, got into Minecraft thanks to wordpainter and then modding. Minecraft is my way of un-winding at the end of the day and B-Team just seems to be more fun with more players. 
    Why should you be invited? Minecraft is fun, but after playing with word and my brother I've noticed it's way more fun to play with other people instead of by myself.
    Minecraft Username: wordpainter423
    Age: 24
    A bit about yourself: I've played Minecraft since it was beta but didn't start modding until after dougiebone started playing. I'm a musician and Star Wars nerd who enjoys building and creating. :-)
    Why should you be invited? I'm a fair player, just wanting to build and explore. I've played in private servers in the past and sometimes it's just more fun to play with others than on your own.


  5. Two prospects here:


    Ingame Name: dougiebone
    Age: 27
    Why you want to join: Looking for a cool server where we can play freely without grievers or thieves. B-Team seems to be better when played multi-player.
    Location: Louisiana, USA
    How well do you know this mod pack: About a 6 on a 1-10. Still pretty new to it.
    Do you agree to the rules? Yes
    Ingame Name: Wordpainter423
    Age: 24
    Why you want to join: I used to play on a private server- it's so fun to play with other people and share creativity!
    Location: Lousiana, USA
    How well do you know this mod pack: Not as well as Dougiebone, but it's ridiculously fun.. probably a 4 on a scale of 1-10.
    Do you agree to the rules? Of course, indeed!
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