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  1. 1.age: 16

    2.a way to contact you for ip address: skype-witzipedia

    3.wether you want to be a dedicated player to try to move up to admin and help the server grow-dedicated player trying to find a sma;; server for me and a friend to record on

    4.male or female: male

    5.willing not to complain: I never complain ;p

  2. 1. Ign(Minecraft Username): theres two of us WitzIpedia &  littleduck99

    2. Age: both 16

    3. Skype (Required): witzipedia

    4. Any builds your planning on doing? house under the lava in the nether

    5. What are your favorite mod(s) in AotBT? Tinkers Construct, Open Blocks, Thermal expansion, Bibliocraft

    6. How long have you been playing AotBT? Since it was released

    7. Anything else I need to know? We both do youtube so we want to find a nice server to record on (note: we are not big youtubers in any way but were trying) thats why we both want to get on

  3. So I'm not 18, but id really like to join your server... im looking for a nice friendly server to try and do some recording on, one that people wont destroy my stuff, so itt would be nice if youd still give me, and a friend (recording partner) a chance to play on your server.




    In-game Name: WitzIpedia and littleduck99

    Age: both 16

    Home Location: Colorado

    Why do you want to play on this server: answer listed above

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