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  1. well that clears one of the rules, at least now i don't have to convert my ULTRA SECRET BASE into a humble cottage so how about the other rules? personally i think they're fine raddybeast's point is good, i'll implement that any more ideas?
  2. i think we should set up some rules, and Im posting them here so u guys can discuss which ones we want to use here they come: 12 20/22 whitelisted players MAX, the reason for this is so that we can personally know everyone on the server, the more people, the more anonymous each person gets. no raiding/griefing other people's houses, by this i mean stealing other people's chests, exploding other ppl's bases. this is to ensure that we are all equal and fair. this leads me to my next point no secret bases. this server aims to be a server where a friendly group of friends play together. so what if they take ur taglock, these are just minor pranks this has been crossed out as it is invalid battles must be arranged and must be known by both sides, to ensure fairness when pvp is happening pranks are ALLOWED, what classifies as a prank is something that is shocking and can be funny to the person who was pranked, e.g. So those are my rules, i hope everyone on the server can agree on some of theses rules i hope joeboiii sees this jjbobman
  3. IGN: jjbobman Age: 13 This seems like a real cool server. I love these small type of servers. I am gonna be pretty active. Hope I can get on the server
  4. Hey leaf, I'm looking to join the server and I wanted to know whether you could change the spawn as the tropicraft pool is quite glitchy and i've drowned in it several times IGN: jjbobman thx leaf! XD Signing off, jjbobman
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