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  1. make sure that you've set the INPUT level up to whatever power level you want, and then also check the OUTPUT and make sure it's up (just cuz). To do this, right click on the cell and the the input is to the left and the output to the right, click the plus button up to whatever you want and you should be good. This is from memory but that should be correct

    This was the issue.

    for some reason they were all set to 0. 



  2. Where are the energy cells? Test the power lines with a multimeter and make sure the line doesn't die out before getting to the energy cell. It acts a little similar to the way Redstone acts. Also try breaking and reattaching the power lines to the energy cells.

    the cells are 1 cable away from the dynamo's. When i connect the cells the multimeter shows nothing bit when i connect the furnace it shows 80/t

  3. hi

    i have a weird issue where my energy cells are not getting power. I have all the tabs set up correctly (blue for input orange for out) and i know my dynamo's are working as i tested the line with a redstone smelter and it worked.

    i have attached a image of one section to show the tabs are correct.


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