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    PaulHotel got a reaction from Arcel in [1.0.12a] Project Boul [PvE][20 stots][Whitelist[[No Mods Removed}   
    Project Boul is a minecraft server that started as an idea to have a survival vanilla minecraft server. Then we got bored of vanilla and we decided to open a whitelisted minecraft b-team server.
    Our spawn is a WIP. We want this server to be like the real Attack of the B-Team server... Donate to the server:  http://www.omgserv.com/en/contribute/251012/ Server Website: Coming soon
    1: We allow PvP but both players must agree to PvP
    2: No griefing, No Stealing, Pranks are allowed
    3: Use common sense
    4: Be nice to other players:
    5: Do not mine or build your house within 50 blocks of players base
    For any questions mail me on the fourms
    Me and bored178 are the owners
    Backups everyday and restarts every 3 hours
    Please tell us your Skype if you have it so we can add you to the group chat
    You must be 12 or older
    You can build whatever you want
    You can build a shop in spawn
    PaulHotel (Me) has a youtube channel called PaulHotel
    Feel free to record on our server
    App form:
    How long have you been playing the modpack:
    What are you going to build on our server
    Why do you want to join our server
    What is your skype
    What is your IGN
    What is your location (State and Country
    Colored Sign
        PaulHotel and bored178
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    PaulHotel reacted to BigDrewskii in Let's Test B-Team 1.0.13c!   
    We here at DrewKraft are running the new 1.0.13c Update! Come check it out and have some fun!
    All the info you need is here  http://www.kittenwar.com/
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