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  1. Everyone vote on this page whether Twilight Forest Mod should be added to this mod pack. People have raised this before, but I really like the mod and would be really happy if I could play it in conjunction with all the amazing mods in this pack and also be able to play on a server with no additional mods. Maybe if enough people like it, then the developers will think about adding it.


  2. Ill do this with pigs (who have no renewable value except for treadmills), and for everything else (cows, milk, sheep, wool, chickens, eggs) Im gonna just breed a bunch and use the Rancher on them to get a ton of milk wool and eggs. 



    Don't know what Im gonna DO with a ton of milk wool and eggs but Ill think of something :)

  3. Breeder incessantly breeds animals (supplied by auto farm somewhere else), chronotyper moves them to a grinding area to die for lxp, mob essence, skin scales, whatever ya want.



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