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  1. Are Galacticraft aluminum wires safe to use? I've been hearing the horror stories and feel that a revamp of my power system may be in order. Am i running the risk of chunk corruption and all that other stuff while using these?

  2. Sorry for another bug report/help request. I understand how annoying they are in quick succession.


    So, down to the meat. I got an infinite battery from my server (#donatorswag) and thought to use the energy storage module to unload its energy, well, infinitely. I don't really need GC power, so I decide just to unload it into a TE cell and unload it from there further. However, when I connected a leadstone, hardened, or redstone conduit to the output side of the module, no energy was transmitted. When i used aluminum wires, the same thing happened. No infinite energy for me :(


    Any help anyone?

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