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  1. IGN (Minecraft name) - chrisebob
    Age - 16
    Why do you want to join this server? - Feel like getting back into AoTBT.
    How often would you play? - Whenever I could really, cant give you an exact time allowance as exams are short coming.
    Do you use Teamspeak? - Yes, for Arma and other games.
    Any other info you feel is necessary - I know my way around AoTBT and I would enjoy being part of this server.

  2. Hello lads,

    I am looking for two-three players to join me on an attack of the b-team survival world.


    My server is dedicated and My plan is to make a few factories of some sort.


    I am limiting age gap 15+ 


    So if you wish to join please fill this in below,




    What do you wish to achieve:




    Thanks Walsh


    Version - 1.0.10b

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